is intramuscular stimulation IMS treatment right for you

How Gunn IMS can offer the pain relief you seek

Do you experience tight muscles and pain that no amount of stretching or other treatment seems to help? Gunn IMS may be the answer you’re looking for.

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a dry needling treatment to address neuropathic pain or neuropathy, which is when damaged nerve fibres send incorrect signals to other pain centres.

Did we lose you at needle?

There’s no need to worry – IMS uses acupuncture needles, so they’re extremely thin. And the resulting relief you feel after treatment will relax any apprehension you may be experiencing.

What happens during an IMS treatment?

A needle is introduced by a trained practitioner into a tight area of muscle. The muscle will “grab” the needle causing a cramp-like feeling which will subside as the muscle relaxes. And unlike acupuncture where needles are left in up to 30 minutes, the IMS needle is removed right away.

This relaxing or lengthening of the muscle will offer some relief to not only the muscle, but to the surrounding joints too. And with multiple sessions, the return of tightness in the muscle will be reduced.

Am I a good candidate for IMS?

Your therapist will perform a thorough examination to evaluate whether you’re an appropriate candidate for IMS.

Some of the things your therapist will look for include:

  • No evidence of acute tissue trauma
  • No evidence of inflammation or tissue damage
  • Tight bands or ropes (trigger points) found in a muscle
  • Neuropathic findings

A recent client at Copeman complained about persistent low back pain and an ache spreading into her hips with running and prolonged sitting. She had inconsistent physio treatments on and off over the years, but continued to have the same nagging aches.

At her physiotherapist’s suggestion, she tried Gunn IMS. After three treatments, she reported she was able to take a road trip for six hours with no pain. She was also able to run three kilometres pain free.
If you’re struggling with persistent muscle pain, you may be able to find relief with Gunn IMS. Contact a Copeman Physiotherapist to book your evaluation.