Getting to know your Family Health Nurse

Getting to know your Family Health Nurse

A family health nurse was introduced to your collaborative care team in May 2012 to act as the point person or unofficial coach to help guide, support and ensure your ongoing care. Specific duties of the family health nurse include case management, health promotion, clinical care and timely follow-up. This addition to your care team is designed to improve health outcomes and enhance your overall clinical experience.

Your first meeting

Likely the first conversation you will have with a family health nurse will be during a 45 minute telephone conversation known as an intake. The intake is designed to gather background information for your medical record such as your personal & family health history. Answers to these questions will help guide your care team when making decisions about prevention, early detection, treatment and management. As part of this process, the family health nurse will also provide an overview of the collaborative team approach and answer any questions.

A partnership for health promotion

Your family health nurse is your partner in health. By engaging with your family health nurse you can establish regular communication to monitor your progress and keep you on the path to optimal wellness. Your family health nurse is able to provide prompt and thorough follow up to ensure you are getting all the care you need at the clinic or through external providers. Family health nurses are available via email and telephone to answer questions and provide support.

Once you’ve completed your comprehensive health assessment, your family health nurse will review the recommendations from your collaborative care team and personalize a care plan just for you. Depending upon your goals this could involve developing a plan to better manage blood pressure, achieve a specific fitness goal or reduce blood glucose. Whatever your needs, a partnership with your family health nurse will help you get the most from the Copeman team.

Providing support for ongoing clinical care

Family health nurses can extend the care of your physician by performing duties within their scope of practice. Typically this includes immunizations, wound care, blood glucose testing, health education and counselling.