5 stages of change

Five Stages of Change

Are you thinking of making a lifestyle change? Making up your mind to add a healthy habit to your routine or change an unhealthy behaviour can be an easy decision, but how ready are you to make that change and ultimately succeed?

Being aware of your level of commitment to a lifestyle change is a powerful tool that can help set you on the path to lasting change. If you’re unsure of your level of commitment, start by building a strong support team of family, friends and healthcare providers that have your best interests at heart.

One tool that can help you understand your readiness, is the 5 Stages of Change. Originally developed by researchers Prochaska and DiClemente, The Stages of Change Model was originally developed for smoking cessation. It has since been used in stress management, depression prevention, medication adherence, weight management, addiction treatment and exercise medicine programs.

Many believe once they’re actively engaged in their chosen lifestyle change, they’ve made this change for the long-term; however, research has shown there are unique challenges to each stage. Those in the maintenance stage may experience relapses. This doesn’t mean they’ve failed, but rather is simply a bump in the road that must be seen through until they’re back on track. With proper planning and commitment, relapses need not interrupt your long-term ability to meet fitness or weight loss goals.

Numerous strategies exist for working toward change at each level of commitment. Acknowledging and expressing your readiness for change with your Copeman Healthcare provider can maximize your chance of success and drive improved health outcomes. Our collaborative team of healthcare professionals can help with all stages and turn your motivation into lasting change.