3 fitness apps to assist your at-home workouts

As we deal with the closure of gyms and limited access to in-person exercise classes, fitness apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay active, reach your fitness goals and follow guidelines of staying at home.

Here’s a review of 3 popular fitness apps that can help you stay active from the comfort of your own home:

Peloton Digital

Peloton is a fitness app that allows you to attend live or on-demand classes on your treadmill, spin bike or just using weights or a floor mat. This app is great for those who are interested in group fitness classes.

Pros Cons
· A large variety of classes

· Constantly updated with new classes varying from cardio to meditation

· Offers indoor and outdoor exercise classes varying in equipment usage

· Offers classes for physical and mental health

· Classes range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes

· Offers challenges and set programs to keep you motivated and on track

· Classes range from beginner to advanced

· It is a paid app (Peloton Digital is currently offering a 90 day free trial)

· Many of the classes require a treadmill or spin bike


Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app provides a variety of exercises that are efficiently listed into set workouts based on endurance, muscle group, mobility or yoga. This app is great for those who are interested in programmed workouts.

Pros Cons
· Free app

· Mostly non-equipment workouts, but it lets you choose the amount of equipment you have

· Classes vary in type and length of workout

· Motivates you with different achievements and milestones

· You can pause and review each exercise if you would like to practice it

· There is a “news feed” that provides articles on exercise and nutrition tips

· The instructions can seem monotone and unmotivating at times


7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout app is popular for those who have limited time, space and equipment. It provides a 7-minute workout for different body parts and goals. The app is great for those who are looking to add a workout into a busy schedule or split their workout up throughout the day.

Pros Cons
· You can build a custom workout of your favourite exercises and change your total time of exercise and rest periods

· All workouts are done with no equipment so they are easily accessible

· Saves you time!

· 7 minutes is better than 0 but to count an exercise session towards the recommended 30 min/day, it should be at least 10 minutes

· It is not a real person demonstrating the exercises for proper form

Overall, the fitness app you choose will likely be the one that fits best with your goals and preferences. However, apps do not typically offer personalized programs, meaning the calories expended are not individualized to you.

No matter what app you choose, make sure to consult with your Copeman Kinesiologist on whether that app and exercise program is appropriate for your fitness level and health status.

If you’re looking for additional health and wellness resources, including fitness classes and tips, be sure to check out HealthSource TV – our webpage for live and pre-recorded content.