perfect gift of health

Finding the perfect gift – easier than you think


Many folks are giving the gift of health this holiday season

It seems the more you love someone the harder it is to find them that perfect gift. Well intentioned sweets & treats and other holiday indulgences can sometimes have unintended consequences. That’s why this year many folks are rethinking their holiday shopping and planning to give the gift of health. What better expression of how much you care than to keep your loved ones on the path to lasting wellness?

Private healthcare outfits like Copeman Healthcare offer some interesting options for stumped shoppers. Surprisingly, programs are available for all budgets and vary from single consultations through to annual memberships with a 4 hour comprehensive health assessment and wellness plan.

Copeman Healthcare integrates the care of physicians with other health professionals such as nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists, exercise medicine specialists and diabetic nurse educators to develop a personalized prevention plan.

For sports enthusiasts or those hoping to get back into an exercise regime in the New Year, a functional assessment with a kinesiologist will evaluate strength, balance and alignment – important factors for avoiding injury or assessing readiness to train. For middle-aged folks with elder parents, a cognitive assessment with a neuropsychologist can set a baseline of abilities and develop a plan to build cognitive resilience. For those that are interested in nutrition, eating for performance or developing a weight loss plan, a consultation with a dietitian might just be the ticket.

For those looking for a more extravagant gift, a comprehensive health assessment at $1,700 or a full membership at $4,325, offer a head-to-toe assessment that identifies any health risks and personalizes a plan to keep you on the path to optimal health. Members also enjoy ongoing care through the year.

Whatever your budget, Copeman Healthcare has a package that is just right for you. And what could be better than giving the gift of health this holiday season?

A Comprehensive Health Assessment at Copeman Healthcare includes:

  • In-depth medical history review with a Family Health Nurse (1 hr)
  • Comprehensive health assessment with a Family Physician (1 hr)
  • Consultation with  with a Registered Dietitian (1 hr)
  • Functional assessment with a Kinesiologist (1 hr)
  • Baseline diagnostic assessment including heart, lungs, ears & eyes
  • Follow-up consultation with a Family Physician
  • Comprehensive health report with identified risks & wellness recommendations

For more information call:

  • Tia Young in Vancouver at 604-707-2259
  • Cristle Jasken in Calgary at 403-970-4668
  • Treena Popowich in Edmonton at 780-392-0716