executive health programs top benefits for star performers

Executive Health Programs Top List of Benefits for Star Performers

As published in enRoute, Air Canada’s Travel Magazine, July 2013

Executive healthcare is fast becoming an important part of the benefits that companies provide to their top talent. For well over 20 years, organizations have recognized that protecting their leaders and star performers offers a substantial long-term return on investment.

An executive health assessment typically provides a head-to-toe examination as well as a battery of advanced tests that range from important biomarkers to observing the heart under the stress of exercise. Most companies offering executive health services follow the same basic evidence-based prevention guidelines, but the overall landscape is changing fast.

First, companies have begun to realize that the early detection of disease is only a small part of prevention. The real goal of prevention is to help the executive build resilience to fend off disease or disorders. Early detection of cancer or cardiovascular disease is good, but never detecting anything is better. As a result, many companies are upping their game by enrolling their leaders in comprehensive programs of health and prevention. These programs offer a multidisciplinary team approach to prevention, but also give the executive advanced medical care when they need it.

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“Organizations now recognize that it is worth a little extra investment to help their executives overcome lifestyle challenges that are increasing their health risks, and provide fast, expert care when a medical problem surfaces”, says Don Copeman, the founder and chairman of Copeman Healthcare Centres in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

According to Copeman, many companies now offer the same services to the spouse and family of the employee, which is highly valued as a benefit. The cost of such comprehensive services range from about $2,000 to $5,000 per year.