How does your DNA impact your health?

The field of genetics has seen exponential growth in the last few decades. New tests are being offered that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, genes are being linked to diseases, and anti-aging research is expanding. Read these articles to learn about how this research is going to impact you and your healthcare plan.

Genetic Risk and Alzheimer’s Disease: Should You Worry?

Genetic risk and Alzheimer’s disease: Should you worry?

Your genetics play an important role in healthy development from the time you are a baby until you grow old. With that being said, are genetics the ultimate cause of diseases such as Alzheimer’s? Read this article to find out how much of a role genetics play in the development of this form of dementia.

Nutrigenomic testing: How your DNA can impact your diet

Nutrigenomic testing is a new field of research that uses your genetic information to determine if certain foods are suitable for you to consume. This article outlines exactly what a nutrigenomic test entails and what it will reveal to you about your diet.

3 surprising things a Nutrigenomix® test can reveal

Have you ever wondered if you are gluten-intolerant? What about other foods that you should limit and others that you should consume more of? Read this article to find out exactly what a Nutrigenomix test can tell you about how to structure your diet.

You are only as old as your telomeres

You are only as old as your telomeres

Telomeres are located at the very ends of your chromosomes and have been a key area of study in the field of aging. Shorter telomeres are associated with an older biological age, however, aging is not the only thing that can reduce the length of your telomeres. Read this article to find out what shortens telomeres and exciting new research on how to restore them.

How pharmacogenetic testing can help you

You are unique, and so is the way that your body processes and responds to medication. A medication that works for one person may harm another. Pharmacogenetic testing reveals what medications you should avoid and allows your healthcare provider to develop a more personalized healthcare plan.

Why your family medical history matters

You have a lot in common with your family, from physical traits to your genetic information. Many health complications are the result of certain gene variants that can potentially be passed down from parent to offspring. Therefore, it is important that you share your family medical history with your healthcare provider. Continue reading this article to learn more about how and why your family medical history can be a valuable tool that keeps you healthy.

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