message from Copeman physicians

An important request from the physicians in BC at Copeman Healthcare

We, the physicians and nurse practitioners at Copeman Healthcare, are taking the step of writing to you personally regarding the COVID-19 virus. We believe we must act now to prevent the further spread of the virus.

You will have heard the directive from our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Regrettably, many residents are not following these guidelines and as a result are placing a greater number of residents at risk.

The time to act is now. Our province is in a state of emergency. What we do today will impact the health of British Columbians in the weeks to come.

Self-isolate: Stay home unless absolutely necessary. No dinner parties. No shopping. No sports (even when played outside). No play dates. Instead, have coffee with a friend online.

Practice social distancing: Keep six feet or two metres away from everyone at all times. That’s about the width of a car or two length of two arms stretched out. Call your loved ones and tell them to do the same.

Remind young people in your life that they can get sick from the virus. More importantly, they can be carriers and cause a lot of harm to parents, grandparents, and other loved ones. Become a champion of this message and spread the word to those in your social network, in your chat groups and to those on your email lists.

We can do this, but we can’t wait one more hour or one more day. Let’s save lives, together.


Dr. Ali Sameny

Amra Dizdarevic, NP

Dr. Amy Weber

Angela Hiebert, NP

Dr. Angela Nguan

Anjie Gibson, NP

Dr. Asef Javan

Dr. Beth Donaldson

Dr. Cathy Harvey

Dr. Chris Dawkins

Dr. Debbie Salzman

Dr. Elisa Assadi

Dr. Gerhard Strydom

Dr. Gene Vitug

Dr. Haseena Majeed

Dr. Heather Babcock

Dr. Jennifer Kirker

Dr. Jesse Dhillon

Dr. Jessica Chan

Dr. Kara Solmundson

Katie Henthorne, NP

Dr. Kathleen Alexander

Katie Henthorne, NP

Kelly Hick, NP

Dr. Lauren Fineman

Dr. Lee Liknaitzky

Dr. Mark Gelfer

Dr. Nina He

Dr. Olivia Kei

Dr. Pavel Glaze

Dr. Payman Nabai

Dr. Peter House

Dr. Raymond McConville

Rebecca Countess, NP

Dr. Rhonda Low

Dr. Rose Martel

Dr. Sarah Dosanjh

Dr. Steven Broughton

Dr. Tasha Bienert

Trish Moldenhauer, NP