Copeman Kids Building courage and resilience in your children

Copeman Kids: Building courage and resilience in your children

 Written in collobration with Amra Dizdarevic, Ellen Novak and Emily Shaffer

“Courage: The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear. Origin: from the Latin cor meaning heart.”

As adults we often take courage for granted – but where does this virtue come from? How do we foster this quality in our children so they too can become resilient and strong?

Resilience enables us to handle adversity, manage stress and deal with life changes. As parents, we want our children to develop these qualities so they are equipped to handle daily pressures as well as inevitable hardships that all children face as they grow into young adults. As a foundation for building resilience, children must know that there is an adult in their life who believes in them, loves them and supports them unconditionally. There is no simple formula to guarantee resilience but we can provide our children with a set of tools to help them negotiate their own challenges.

The Copeman Kids program can help develop a personalized plan to teach your child or children courage and resilience.