st albert residents offered personalized healthcare copeman clinic

Copeman Healthcare offers personalized care to residents of St. Albert

Tailors services to the needs of individuals, families & busy executives

As published in the St. Albert Gazette September 2012

The Copeman Healthcare Centre that recently opened in the Edmonton suburb of Glenora is offering personalized care for residents of St. Albert. In the world of medicine, personalized care simply means tailoring medical services to meet the specific needs of the client and providing these services in an unhurried, on-time manner—a practical idea that has surprisingly few outfits offering it.

Don Copeman, founder and visionary behind Copeman Healthcare understands that different clients seek private medical services for different reasons, but personal attention is always one of them. He also understands that nobody likes waiting.

“Our Centres offer world class medical care when patients need it and prevention when they’re ready for it. What we offer is the very best in integrated healthcare while monitoring readiness for change. When our inter-professional team determines that a client is ready, they will step in with appropriate guidance on lifestyle change.”

Personalized services also mean that different care is offered to different people. Many busy executives simply want on-time comprehensive annual assessments and quick access to a doctor. Other retired professionals prefer unhurried comprehensive healthcare that allows them to spend more time with their physician and other care professionals. But this extra time doesn’t mean clients are left waiting. Instead, appointments are scheduled with the appropriate allocation and clients never spend more than 5 minutes in the reception area. Given the pleasant surroundings and free Internet, some clients might wish they spent longer.

“Personalized services form the foundation of our prevention model,” says Rick Tiedemann, Executive Director of the Edmonton Centre, “Every client comes to us with their own unique health profile. Our first job is to help them understand their risks of disease based on family history, environment and lifestyle. But for many, education isn’t enough. They often face obstacles in stress and emotional health that stand in the way of lifestyle change and these have to be addressed in a highly personal way. The bottom line is you can’t effectively prevent or manage disease without tailoring the service to the unique profile of the individual.”

Copeman Healthcare began with a simple premise, to deliver unparalleled access to medical expertise while providing each patient with a highly personalized and “unhurried,” on-time experience. With that goal in mind Copeman Healthcare has introduced a service-focused approach to personal, family and corporate health care. The emphasis is on delivering excellence in prevention and health management. The Edmonton Centre was specifically developed to offer each client a personalized experience and access to a team of professionals focused on all aspects of their health.

In addition to physicians, the Edmonton Centre is staffed with an inter-professional team of psychologists, neuropsychologists, registered dietitians, exercise medicine specialists (kinesiologists), family health nurses, diabetic nurse educators and other specialized professionals who collaborate with the patient’s best health in mind. This collaboration ensures that a patient’s file is carefully examined and that the entire team is working together to develop an appropriate care and prevention plan. To facilitate ease in collaboration the Centres have developed a secure, unified electronic health record that care providers and patients can use to access sophisticated risk assessments, health surveillance data and self-management tools. For example, changes in laboratory results can be set to trigger personalized reminders about important risk factors and transmit these trends to the patient and his or her health team.

The centres are unique in that they treat the whole person— focusing not just on physical health but integrating this with psychological health and brain health. While psychological health focuses on the experiences, attitudes, thoughts and emotions of a patient, brain health looks at the organ of the brain. Copeman offers brain health assessments and rehabilitation for injuries, concussion, stroke, Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, age and disease-related cognitive decline and other brain related changes.

The Edmonton Centre offers a warm, comforting environment and an atmosphere of genuine caring. The most popular offering is LifePlus, an all-inclusive prevention and health management program that costs $4325 in the first year and $3,325 in subsequent years. Program client’s children are charged at $500/year. The service includes a comprehensive, head-to-toe four-hour annual health assessment and a complete package of professional services to support a client’s individual health plan. Those interested in learning more about Copeman Healthcare should contact Treena Popowich at 780-455-2273 or visit the company’s website at: