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Copeman Healthcare honoured in Vancouver’s Profiles of Excellence

Vancouver profiles of excellence Copeman Healthcare video
Vancouver’s profiles of excellence showcases Vancouver’s diverse and vibrant business leaders – presenting the inside stories of local experts in their fields.

Copeman Healthcare Centre was selected for excellence in healthcare and in this short video Don Copeman, Chairman and Founder tells us a little bit more about Copeman Healthcare’s mission and values.

Copeman Healthcare honoured in Vancouver’s Profiles of Excellence

Since 2005, Copeman Healthcare Centre has been breathing new life into the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A family owned business that has grown from one facility in Vancouver to four federated clinics and a staff of 150, Copeman’s mission remains the same as the day it opened: to improve the quality and longevity of people’s lives by providing unparalleled standards of prevention-focused healthcare and by giving each patient the time and attention they deserve.

Copeman offers a collaborative, complementary approach to personalized health management and disease prevention. Physicians work in conjunction with family health nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and registered dietitians to provide every patient with their very own team of experts that help them develop a personalized prevention plan and keep them on track.

Where many clinics focus primarily on treating patients after they become ill, the caring team at Copeman takes a proactive approach — understanding that on the continuum of prevention, early detection and treatment, it is prevention that offers the best health outcomes and has the potential to reduce the demand for costly medical interventions down the road.

“If a patient comes to us with a health issue we’ll treat them and get them on the path to lasting wellness,” says Don Copeman, Founder and Chairman of Copeman Healthcare, “If they come to us and they’re already healthy, our job is to keep them that way for a very long time.”

“We have an expression here: ‘Medical expertise when you need it, prevention when you’re ready for it’. Primary prevention is always the best option, but it also requires therapeutic lifestyle change. We understand that not everybody is ready to make those changes so we can offer them early detection, which is a close second.”

In addition to a wide range of personal wellness programs that are focused on promoting physical, psychological and brain health, Copeman is also dedicated to nurturing healthier workplaces through its custom-designed corporate healthcare plans. Health programs for employees can offer companies a competitive advantage. As a coveted benefit they help attract and retain star performers. And by investing in the physical and mental well-being of the workforce companies can also increase productivity and lower expenses associated with absenteeism and turnover.

Copeman’s forward-thinking philosophy of prevention has met with resounding success at its Vancouver location, which has grown steadily and cared for thousands of executives and their families in the eight years since inception.

“Our client and employee satisfaction scores meet or exceed published benchmarks of the best companies,” says Les Jickling, Copeman Healthcare’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “Every day I am inspired to help make Copeman a world-class organization and to do that we need to be continuously looking for ways to improve.”

In response to client feedback, Copeman has introduced innovative programming such as “Copeman Kids” to optimize children’s physical, mental and emotional development. New clinical pathways have been added to augment disease risk stratification and a targeted seminar series developed for corporate audiences.

At the heart of the Copeman Way is a steadfast commitment to provide honest, ethical and compassionate care to every one of its clients.

“Those principles should be central to every business, but even more so when dealing with something as personal as someone’s health,” says Jickling. “Regardless of our business imperatives we must never forget that we exist to care for our clients.”