copeman healthcare honoured in north shore's profiles of excellence

Copeman Healthcare honoured in North Shore’s Profile’s of Excellence

North Shore’s profile’s of excellence showcases North Vancouver and West Vancouver’s diverse and vibrant business leaders – presenting the inside stories of local experts in their fields.

Copeman Healthcare was selected for excellence in healthcare in West Vancouver. In this brief video Les Jickling fills us in on what makes Copeman Healthcare unique.

North Shore’s Profile’s of Excellence: Copeman Healthcare

North Shore Profiles of Excellence

Acknowledging that every person is unique and that healthcare services should be delivered on a personal basis, Copeman Healthcare offers a variety of programs and services tailored to the unique needs of clients. Unhurried, timely visits and outstanding team-based care are at the heart of the Copeman care model.

“The key to prevention is lifestyle modification and early detection of disease,” said CEO Chris Nedelmann, “Our clinics offer baseline assessments in the areas of physical, psychological and brain health – with the intention of detecting and responding to subtle changes in health.”

“We deliver services to individuals and entire organizations and develop comprehensive, integrated health and wellness plans for each one of our clients,” said Nedelmann.

Clients typically choose between the ongoing care program called LifePlus or an annual Comprehensive Health Assessment. In either case, clients receive an annual head-to-toe assessment that examines a multitude of health risk factors. Clients are then presented with a personalized prevention plan to mitigate risks.

Clients enrolled in the LifePlus program enjoy care from a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a physician integrated with registered dietitians, kinesiologists, family health nurses, diagnostic staff and clinical care coordinators. Other medical professionals assist the team as required.

Thus, each Copeman team is able to deliver a truly integrated approach to health management and disease prevention.

As a Copeman satellite clinic, the West Vancouver centre provides all core services, is staffed by a roster of professionals led by medical director Dr. Beth Donaldson, and allows clients to enjoy services at the downtown Vancouver clinic.

“Any client of the Copeman Healthcare network is welcome to access Copeman services in any city or satellite location in Canada,” said Nedelmann.

That access is facilitated by a secure unified health record that allows care providers to collaborate across disciplines and across geographies. Families with children can also enjoy the Copeman Kids program that offers same-day visits, age-appropriate health screening and developmental assessments to evaluate speech and language development.

Central to the Copeman philosophy is the concept of wellness coaching – providing ongoing support and guidance for optimizing nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health. Regardless of your individual needs, Copeman Healthcare has a program designed just for you.