copeman calgary offers innovative new service options

Copeman Calgary offers innovative new service options

Gene-based nutrition assessments, complete weight management and more

You spoke, we listened, Calgary.

At Copeman, we strive for excellence in everything that we do, but to truly achieve excellence we listen to your valued input. Either directly through your care team or via one of our client satisfaction surveys, your feedback has helped us to better understand where to direct our program and service enhancements and new program development. We sincerely thank you and encourage you to continue to share with us.

Driven by your input and led by your care team members, all new clinical services are vetted by Copeman Healthcare who make all decisions based on clinical utility, scientific rigour using evidence-based medicine and the expected efficacy of the intended prevention or treatment program.

In addition to the following new programs and services, we will continue to add innovative services and enhance existing programs. Over the next several months, Copeman will be reviewing its fitness and nutrition protocols, so please stay tuned for enhancements to current programs and brand new service offerings!

Programs & Services Available Now

Nutrigenomix® Testing & Consultation – NEW!

Are you drinking too much coffee? Should you go gluten-free? What type of nutrition plan is best suited to your weight loss goals?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how the human genome and our genes interact with diet to influence a person’s response to food and disease susceptibility. Available through your Copeman Dietitian, the Nutrigenomix® testing looks at 45 genetic markers to provide personalized recommendations based on your unique genetic profile. This service includes Nutrigenomix® testing and consultation with a registered dietitian.

Editors Note: As of April 1 2019, the Nutrigenomix® test is also now available in Edmonton with expansion plans to Vancouver in May 2019.

For more information or to book a Nutrigenomics consultation, please contact us

Weight Wellness Program – Launched March 2017!

The Weight Wellness Program is designed to provide a highly personalized, highly supportive approach to weight loss and weight management. The four phase program includes:

  • Advanced physical assessment, including medical, fitness, psychological and nutritional testing
  • Weekly exercise and meal plans
  • Dietitian and Kinesiology counselling, including unlimited remote coaching support
  • Monthly Inbody assessments & waist circumference measurements
  • Regular updates to your program based on progress
  • An ongoing maintenance plan to continue the success of your weight loss journey

For more information or to enrol in Weight Wellness, please click here

Best Doctors of Canada

To complement your care at Copeman, we partnered with Best Doctors of Canada to offer you even more peace of mind in times of medical uncertainty. Available to LifePlus clients for a small annual fee, Best Doctors of Canada provides:

  1. Elite Diagnostic Imaging ServiceSM (EDIS)

EDIS can reduce wait time for an MRI or CT scan from weeks or months to just days. When you are enrolled in EDIS, the cost of your MRIs and CT scans at a Best Doctors affiliated imaging clinic are 100% covered.

  1. InterConsultationSM

InterConsultation provides a second expert review. Best Doctors expert specialists perform an in-depth analysis of your medical records which you can then share with your Copeman team.

  1. Find Best CareSM

If you require treatment outside of Canada, with FindBestCare, Best Doctors coordinates a search of their global database to find expert(s) best suited to your needs.

For more information on Best Doctor or to enrol, please click here

Young Adults Prevention Program

The Young Adults Prevention Program offers a personalized assessment and ongoing care designed specifically for young adults aged 18 to 24 to put them on the path to lasting wellness.

Click here to learn more or to enrol in the Young Adults Prevention Program