An evidence-based checklist to assess neuropsychological outcomes of epilepsy surgery: How good is the evidence?

Concurrent Validity of CNS Vital Signs in Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


This study examined if computerized cognitive testing is as effective in assessing people with mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs) as traditional assessments. Computerized testing is more time and cost efficient, but the validity of this type of assessment needs further study.


There were fifty patients who were recruited from the Emergency Department of Vancouver General Hospital. These patients met the WHO Collaborating Center Task Force criteria for MTBI.

Method and Results

Testing included the computerized CNS Vital Signs (CNS-VS) and some traditional tests from the Neuropsychological Assessment Batter (NAB).

Results and conclusions

The computerized testing scores were similar to many of the traditional test scores. This is consistent with other studies in this area. Although there were expected and unexpected similarities between the two types of assessments, it is difficult to interpret the correlations.

Research by: Dr. Shawnda C. Lanting, PhD, Dr. Grant L. Iverson, PhD and Dr. Rael T. Lange, PhD

Presented at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference