4 common issues that can be treated with virtual care

With Copeman Healthcare’s virtual healthcare platform, Medisys On-Demand, you receive care from Canadian nurse practitioners who can make diagnoses and write prescriptions, all from the ease of your phone.

Skeptical? A recent study completed in British Columbia revealed that 79 percent of patients who experienced an online doctor visit reported the quality of care was identical to that of an in-person visit, and 91 percent stated the virtual appointment helped them deal with their health issue.

While certain diagnostics and disease management still require in-person assessments – and emergency care should always be reserved for a trip to the emergency room – many health issues are being successfully treated virtually with zero waiting, travel or time off work required.

But which conditions are most appropriate for online care, and when do you need an in-person visit? Following are some everyday concerns well-suited for virtual visits.

4 common health issues that can be treated with an online doctor visit

  1. Dermatology

One of the top four issues treated on the Medisys On-Demand virtual healthcare platform is dermatology, which lends itself wonderfully to online visits with doctors thanks to high-resolution mobile cameras. From shingles and fungal infections to hand, foot and mouth disease, most non-urgent dermatological concerns no longer require an in-person consult with your local clinic or family doctor. Eczema, acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, scabies, herpes and many other skin conditions can be diagnosed and managed virtually. If needed, a referral to a dermatologist can be arranged with the tap of a button, while prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy almost instantly.

Note: Diabetic foot ulcers, infected animal bites, complicated wounds with active infection or requiring sutures, angioma, conditions requiring dermatoscope evaluation and oncology should be addressed in-person.

  1. Cold, flu and respiratory issues

The most common use of Medisys On-Demand is by Canadians suffering from colds, flus and respiratory issues. Concerns like acute coughs, stable asthma, acute upper respiratory tract infections and flus without alarming symptoms can be successfully addressed with an online doctor visit from the comfort of home. An on-demand nurse practitioner can prescribe antibiotics or refer you to a respirologist, if needed, while you rest and recover. Sleep apnea assessments can even be arranged virtually!

Note: Respiratory issues including hemoptysis, flu with complications, respiratory distress, decompensated asthma and oncology should be addressed in person.

  1. Sprains, strains, cuts and burns

We’ve all been there: pulling up to a packed emergency room with a sports injury, kitchen burn or cut, only to wait several hours as a non-urgent patient. Fortunately, most sprains, strains, minor cuts, burns and back pains can be assessed and treated with an online doctor visit via your smartphone or tablet.

Note: Musculoskeletal issues like spinal-cord compression, acute complex fractures, acute trauma, concussions, new acute pain with possible complications and renewal of opioid prescriptions should be addressed in person.

  1. Head, eye, ear, nose and throat issues

A common cold, head, eye, ear, nose and/or throat issue can be a nuisance to deal with since they occur so frequently in Canadian households. The advent of virtual healthcare paired with smart device camera capabilities can make diagnosing and treating concerns like conjunctivitis, sinusitis, sore throats, thrush, rhinitis and allergies as simple as a video chat.

Other issues like earaches, tension headaches and migraines without complications can also be treated on-demand from your home or office. Plus, referrals to allergists and ear, nose and throat specialists can be made on the spot.

Note: Oncology, epistaxis, otitis media, peritonsillar abscess and cerumen cleaning should be addressed in person.


Looking to get started with Medisys On-Demand? Eligible clients of the LifePlus and Young Adults Prevention Program can email appsupport@medisys.ca for a unique activation link.