choosing hospitality over hospitals

Choosing hospitality over hospitals

Measuring successful outcomes and patient satisfaction

As published November 3, 2012 in the Vancouver Sun

Although both derived from the Latin word for ‘host,’ Hospitality and Hospitals have become two scarcely related topics. Each it seems has very different measures of quality and satisfaction.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, one key issue in medicine is the focus on measuring process rather than successful outcomes or patient satisfaction. The authors, Dr. A. Asch and Dr. Kevin G. Volpp advocate deeper accountability and a “move from a product-oriented industry to a customer oriented one,” a system that would promote greater health and patient satisfaction. To improve results organizations must first improve targets. “Doctors and hospitals who pay attention to the business they are actually in – defined by the outcomes their ‘customers’ seek – will leave the doctors and hospitals who don’t behind.”

This comes as no surprise to private healthcare providers like Copeman Healthcare who are already listening carefully to their clients and personalizing care to meet their specific needs.

“We have key performance indicators in virtually every area of our business that tie directly back to health outcomes and client satisfaction,” says Chris Nedelmann, CEO of Copeman Healthcare, “And we regularly survey our clients to ensure we are meeting or exceeding those targets. Measurement, continuous improvement and keeping an eye on patient outcomes and client satisfaction is what defines us as an organization. ”

Perhaps not surprisingly, patients frequently state that one of their greatest needs is for emotional support—something that arguably can only be delivered with personalized care and attention.

Sanda Islik, Registered Nurse and Manager of Service Integration at Copeman Healthcare, says “The role of nursing now extends to illness prevention, health promotion, and treating the whole person. It’s important to provide care for physical, psychological and brain health—things that can only be accomplished with personalized care.

When it comes to patient satisfaction scores Copeman Healthcare speaks from a position of authority. Key benchmarks are published by an international consortium of researchers and general practitioners. To determine how well they stacked up against other care providers, Copeman Healthcare employed the same validated instrument that has now become an international standard for measuring patient evaluations. The well-established tool has been used in nearly two dozen countries and measures care factors such as adequate time, physician interest, dealing with emotions, illness prevention and other select criteria. Using this same instrument Copeman Healthcare recently received an astonishing 92% satisfaction score, a rating well beyond that of even the best performers.

To achieve such outstanding results, Copeman Healthcare points to a delicate balance between delivering on the demands of medicine with the respect and personalized care expected from the best in the hospitality industry.

“Outstanding customer service is at the core of everything we do,” says Chris Nedelmann, Copeman Healthcare’s CEO.