childrens health program offers best chance for disease prevention

Children’s Healthcare Program Offers Best Chance of Prevention

As published in The Province on Sunday, April 22, 2012

The best time to start a prevention program is when a child is born. Although there are many genetic factors associated with disease, the incidence rates for most common diseases can be significantly lowered through a healthy lifestyle. For many adults, unhealthy lifestyles can be a product of emotional, social or cognitive issues that developed early in childhood. Real prevention must focus on young people because 50% of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders start by the age of 14, and 75% by the age of 24.

The essence of children’s programming is to provide parents and parents-to-be with helpful guidance to ensure that their children have the best chance of developing a physical, cognitive and psychological foundation that will lower their chances of developing health-risk behaviors as they grow into adults. It is also designed to lower other risks and to build the strongest, happiest and sharpest foundation possible. Although many programs of prevention differ the following represents a partial list of what is currently available or being designed by prominent healthcare providers such as Copeman Healthcare’s Copeman Kids.

  • Developmental Education Seminars
  • Age-appropriate Health Assessments
  • Psycho-educational Assessments
  • ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Program
  • Sports Concussion Prevention & Management Program