CEO puts life on healthy course

CEO puts life on healthy course


In a special to the Calgary Herald, Barbara Livingstone profiled Copeman Healthcare client, Edmonton engineer and CEO, Arthur Potts. 

Despite keeping active over his 55 years, Potts had developed a number of chronic health issues that he  had not been able to have properly addressed.

“I had had problems with gout (a complex form of arthritis characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain in joints) many years ago — I have a pre-disposition to it. And I tried to eat healthily, but I didn’t have enough information,” Potts told Livingstone.

And while Potts felt his current family physician was good,  the 10 minute visits he had with his doctor (which are the norm in Canada) were not enough to address Potts’ issues.

“It was always reactive, not proactive.”

Knowing he needed more comprehensive care, he turned to the team at Copeman Healthcare in Edmonton. He was immediately impressed with the clinic’s half hour minimum appointments and multidisciplinary teams including a doctor, kinesiologist, dietitian and a mental health professional.

Best of all, his team helped him change his lifestyle, eliminate or upgrade his medications and ultimately helped to reduce his risk of coronary heart disease by over 60 percent. Not only does he feel great, but he also feels like he is in a better position to lead his company.

“The healthier I am, the better it is for my company. From a dollars and cents perspective, it would put the company at risk if I was not able to do my job,” Potts told Livingstone.

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Calgary Herald, August 21, 2015