Carebook™ – A technological breakthrough to enhance service and empower patients

Carebook™ – A technological breakthrough to enhance service and empower patients

doctor-team-tablet-overhead-shotA much-anticipated cutting-edge technology from Copeman Healthcare launched this fall, empowering clients to take even greater control over their health.

Called Carebook™, the technology is an internet-based health management system that provides individuals and families with a comprehensive, personal health record. It automatically detects concerning test values and health trends based on modern scientific thinking in preventive medicine.

In addition to being connected to the Centre’s electronic medical record for collecting laboratory and other clinical data, Carebook™can seamlessly integrate with home monitoring devices such as blood pressure units, glucometers, exercise & diet mobile apps and WiFi body scales.

It can also talk to other Carebook™ applications such as the Risk Assessment and Prevention Reminder modules.

The Risk Assessment module draws on information in a person’s health record to update potential health risks and educate them on reduction strategies, while the Prevention Reminder module provides life-long notifications for the entire family on immunizations, tests and preventive examinations. Since Carebook™ has been designed to talk to other applications, it has the potential to become a single point of health data collection – an important innovation in a rapidly evolving world of mobile health products.

According to founder Don Copeman, “Carebook™ has the potential to make much more sense out of the pools of non-connected health data that is now out there in doctor’s offices and on websites and mobile devices,” he says.

“With all of this valuable data now in one place, we can use technology to guide people to better health and even find correlations that may help providers find improved solutions for known health issues”. iphone5_carebook

Carebook™ is at the leading edge of a growing number of computer applications designed to put a patient’s data into their own hands, while leveraging technology to automate the monitoring of key health indicators. With the patient in control and at the center of their own complete health file, they can selectively share information with all of their health providers. This fosters collaboration and gives each provider a more complete record that may result in improved overall care.

“We believe that empowering people with information, including their own health data, engages them to a greater extent, makes them feel more like a part of their own health team, and ultimately produces better outcomes. That is why we are so committed to being a leader in technological innovation”, says Mr. Copeman.

Carebook™ was released earlier this year to Copeman Healthcare’s Edmonton, Vancouver and West Vancouver Centres. Calgary clients can look forward to this new service in the spring. In its first release, Copeman clients will enjoy:

  • Secure, on-line access to their medical records with a new capability to add their own data
  • Mobile device access to select Carebook™ information
  • Computerized health monitoring and prevention reminders for the entire family
  • A more advanced risk assessment and education application than is currently available on HMS
  • Integration with select home blood pressure units, glucometers, WiFi body scales and fitness trackers
  • Medical reports to share with health professionals outside of the Centre for improved collaboration and care

More information on Carebook™, along with an introductory video, can be found at

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