calgary floods clinic closure

Calgary clinic spared by floods, closed for 5 days due to general power outage

We would like to thank our Calgary clients for their patience and understanding during the recent floods. Our hearts go out to the many people that were affected by water damage and power outages. We hope that you and your families, friends & colleagues have remained safe during these challenging times.

Thankfully, due to our location we did not experience any direct water damage and were able to re-open again as soon as the power was restored. During the days that we were closed, calls were forwarded to our team in Edmonton to route to the appropriate care coordinators. Our physicians remained on-call for all urgent medical matters, we opened a temporary triage Centre at EFW and our client service teams pulled together to re-book appointments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your families and look forward to serving you in the days ahead.