building a balanced breakfast

Building a balanced breakfast

plate model copeman healthcareYou may have already chatted about this with your dietitian, but starting the day off with a balanced breakfast will help to take your nutrition, energy or weight loss goal to the next level.

When you skimp out or don’t have the right balance earlier on in the day, healthy habits are even more likely to slip later on. This can lead to energy slumps, overdosing on caffeine, or reaching for candy, chocolate, or a bag of chips after work.  Eating too little earlier in the day can also result in having more than you need at dinner time – which is not a good habit to get in to.

As you may already know, we are big fans of the plate model (pictured right) as a way of setting up your meals throughout the day, even at breakfast time! The plate model helps to make sure that you get a good amount of protein, fiber and produce (fruit or veg) at breakfast time, which is such an important step towards many of the health goals we commonly see. Simply fill half of your plate with fruits & veggies, then divide the remaining half between whole grain, fiber-rich carbohydrates (such as oats, sweet potato or barley) and protein-rich foods (such as eggs, chicken or fish).

Incorporate the plate model into your breakfast routine daily to help keep you feeling satisfied and energized all day long.

Looking to mix it up from your bran bud parfait or morning smoothie? Try one of these great recipes to help you get started – including this month’s recipe for a healthier pancake that is packed with protein and fiber and nutritious enough to be a weekday staple!

high fibre protein pancakes

High Fiber Protein Pancakes


Mini Vegetable Frittatas

Tropical Protein Parfait

Tropical Protein Parfait


Sweet Potato Hash

Questions about other recipe ideas, or where to find the ingredients?

Ask your dietitian!


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