benefits of private healthcare success story

Back On Course

Retired Calgary businessman discovers the benefits of Copeman Healthcare

Climbing the hills near San Luis Obispo, Calif., 68-year-old Michael Parsons was suddenly gripped by a paralyzing pain in his chest. The unthinkable crossed his mind…could this be a heart attack?

“After the third day of having these pains come and go, I was quite frightened,” said Parsons from his home in Calgary. “So I went to a very good clinic in San Luis Obispo and after running a few scans they said I might have a heart condition.”

The scans revealed something unusual, but they couldn’t be sure whether it was heart damage or equipment failure. It was the start of a lengthy medical investigation that eventually resulted in him being put on three different heart medications with serious side effects. Then, his situation deteriorated further when he returned to his family physician in Canada only to find that he had retired.

“It was pretty frustrating to have what I thought was a life threatening illness and be without a doctor. All I could do was go around to these offices, put my name on a list and hope they would call. They told me they would only call if they wanted to take me as a patient”.

After four months nobody called. His friends suggested he try the Copeman Healthcare clinic that had just opened in Calgary.

“I had been to the Mayo Clinic when I lived offshore for 11 years – everybody went to the Mayo Clinic. So when my friends suggested I try out the Copeman Clinic I thought, hey, maybe this would be even better.”

One of the Copeman clinic’s expert physicians conducted an extensive history and physical focusing on Parsons’ symptoms. Combined with the comprehensive battery of blood tests and diagnostics, the Copeman doctors concluded that Parson’s problem was not his heart, but his esophagus.

Immediately, he was taken off heart medications and his quality of life improved overnight. With the aid of the clinic’s expert kinesiologists he was able to get back to an active lifestyle.

“It was like I was given my life back,” Parsons said. “I was able to return to a complete workout, I dropped from 205 pounds down to 179 pounds and now I’m playing golf, riding my bike and going to the gym without any fear.”