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high fiber protein pancakes

High Fiber Protein Pancakes

We love pancakes, but we don’t love the refined flour and sugar that usually make up the bulk of the batter in most recipes. Here’s a great option for pancakes that are higher in protein and fiber, but without all of the processed stuff. This recipe fits perfectly into the “plate model” that your dietitian is […]

building a balanced breakfast

Building a balanced breakfast

You may have already chatted about this with your dietitian, but starting the day off with a balanced breakfast will help to take your nutrition, energy or weight loss goal to the next lev

3 ways to get more from your health care provider_Dr Pavel Glaze LifePlus Program

3 ways to get more from your doctor

Does trying to make a timely appointment to see your family doctor cause you endless frustration? Are you tired of covering your health concerns in a five or ten minute window? If you feel like you’re missing the care in healthcare, maybe it’s time to make a change. Here are three ways to help you feel better.


13 Reasons Why sparks important conversations

The new Netflix blockbuster 13 Reasons Why is popularizing a youth suicide storyline, with potentially dangerous consequences. But is it a graphic and glamorized glorification of one teen’s revenge fantasy? Or a brave and unflinching social commentary on the contemporary youth suicide crisis?

new website launch copeman healthcare canada

Copeman Healthcare introduces new website

Providing you with outstanding service is at the core of what we do at Copeman Healthcare, so we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website aimed at making your online experience as easy and seamless as your on-clinic experience.

go sugar free

One Sweet App: Tracking your sugar intake

Many of us are aware by now that sugar is a hot topic when it comes to nutrition, particularly because most people currently exceed the World Health Organization’s recommended guidelines of 25g (6 tsp) or less of sugar per day. While sugars in their whole food form (such as fruit) are not as big of […]

Quick Chicken Soup

Quick Chicken Soup

There is nothing quite like homemade chicken soup, especially during the rainy spring season. This is the quickest method I have found to achieve a scratch stock and soup within 30-60 minutes. Please enjoy! Makes 8 servings INGREDIENTS 4 chicken breasts – bone in for flavour! (important) 8 cups water 1 tbsp. olive oil 2 […]

Copeman physiotherapist gets young soccer star back on the pitch (2)

How one young Edmonton soccer star recovered from possible career-ending injury

As an active 14-year-old, Carly Johnston has had her share of bruises and pulled muscles. But when she rolled her ankle and heard a “pop” during a recent soccer game, her mom, Giovanna, knew that this injury would likely take more than a bag of frozen peas to fix. Luckily, as clients of Copeman Healthcare […]

Copeman Healthcare Best Managed Company 2017

Copeman Healthcare Once Again Named One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for Business Excellence

For the second year in a row, Copeman Healthcare was named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for excellence in business performance.

predicting healthy futures

Predicting healthy Vancouver futures: Learn today what your health looks like tomorrow

If heart disease and diabetes run in your family, you may be worried about what the future holds for your own health. While it’s always helpful to know your genetic history, it doesn’t tell the complete story . The good news is, you often don’t have to look too far.