Kinesiology and physical education to prevent injury and illness: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (AB)

Whether someone is a professional athlete or a recreational athlete, a homebody or a weekend warrior, kinesiology can help.

Icebergs, Inflammation and Prevention

Icebergs, Inflammation and Prevention: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Somewhere between high school and that balmy -20°C day of that Antarctic summer, Katherine learned that human health & environmental health are inseparable.

Preventative Healthcare in Multiple Sclerosis: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (AB)

Disease prevention intertwined within multiple sclerosis cases will aid future generations in optimistically preventing the disease entirely, and adequately pave the pathways for future discoveries.

Education and Support Drive Success in Nursing: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (AB)

When the healthy are educated on preventing illness, they are better equipped to maintain their health. Read more by scholarship candidate, Bethany Welton.

Preventative Healthcare and Obesity: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Devyn Parsons discusses the significant changes required to decrease weight-based stigma and to improve the efficacy of our weight management interventions.


Lifestyle is the key; mindset, motivation and goals: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Caitlin Price University of British Columbia Okanagan – Bachelor of Human Kinetics – 2019 Many people wait until they are already affected by a disease to start treating it, but a much more effective approach would be to change one’s lifestyle to avoid disease and disability altogether. Preventative healthcare is a very important part of the […]

Setting Children and Families Up for Success: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (AB)

Jordyn Goobie University of Calgary (Medicine Hat College) – Bachelor of Nursing – 2020 From the moment of conception, the human body is constantly growing and changing to adapt to the environment. The development of the brain is considered to be the most intricate and research has indicated that the development of the prefrontal cortex of […]

A Culture of Prevention Indian Feast

A Culture of Prevention: 2018 Scholarship Shortlist (BC)

Rawel Sidhu University of British Columbia – Doctor of Medicine – 2022 “Our traditional diet is what we’ve followed our whole lives; why should we change that now?” With nods of approval from her peers, the frail woman returned to her seat – satisfied with her objection. As the research facilitator of the 22-member diabetes […]

Scholarship Essay Series - AB Winner (Samantha Hann)

Nursing and Prevention in Schools: 2018 Scholarship Winner (AB)

Read the winning essay for the 2018 Copeman Preventative Healthcare Scholarship award, written by Samantha Hann in Alberta!

Scholarship Essay Series - BC Winner (Tribesty)

Gardening and Preventative Healthcare: 2018 Scholarship Winner (BC)

Read the winning submission for the 2018 Copeman Preventative Healthcare Scholarship award, submitted by Tribesty Nguyen!