always tired this might be why

Feeling more tired than usual? This might be why

You may be experiecing overwhelming thoughts during these times of uncertainty. But why have they manifested in the form of physically being more tired?

Mental health resources

As we continue to practice physical distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our social groups and day-to-day routines have changed dramatically. All of these life changes, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, can have impacts on our mental health. It is with this in mind that we have created the […]

Daily well-being checklist

We encourage you to treat yourself compassion. Use this checklist to gently guide yourself along the right path with these simple practices performed daily.

Self-compassion is vital: Here’s how to practice it

During times of transition, disruption and unease, cultivating more self-compassion is key. Here are 4 new skills and behaviours to try during this time of many unknowns

Meditation: Getting started

May is mental health month. Our mental health is especially important this spring as we continue to navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and adjust to the many changes the pandemic has brought into our lives. Meditation is a calming practice that relieves stress, and can be done almost anywhere. In addition to being […]

Advice for parents during COVID-19

This article features common questions about parenting during COVID-19, including information to keep children physically and mentally healthy

How to curb anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether you’re experiencing extreme anxiety or moderate levels that are normal, here are some strategies that can help you manage those anxious feelings.

The health benefits of gratitude

The simple task of acknowledging what we have to be grateful for offers a surprising number of health benefits, but it doesn’t come naturally to all of us.

6 tips for managing holiday loneliness

The holiday season is often synonymous with spending extra time with friends, family and coworkers — but it can also trigger feelings of loneliness.

The brain-gut connection: How mental health affects digestion

Are your digestive health problems – such as heartburn, abdominal cramps or gastrointestinal disorders – related to your mental health or stress?