a psychologists advice on breaking mindless eating habits

A psychologist’s take on breaking mindless eating habits

Dr. Liann Meloff talks mindfulness and provides proven strategies to help change your unhealthy eating habits.

4 ways to cope with caregiver burnout

4 ways to cope with caregiver burnout

As the baby boom generation grows older and more people start to succumb to age-related disease, there is an increasing need for caregivers. Although most are happy to take on this position, the role of a caregiver is difficult and can often result in what is known as “caregiver burnout.”

4 signs of stress and how to manage it

4 signs of stress and how to manage it

Stress. We all get it, we all show different symptoms of it, and we all have different ways of managing it. While there are many problems associated with stress, one of the biggest issues is that it’s not always visible in the same form. For some, it shows itself in eating habits. Others might get aches and pains. How can we diagnose stress and what are some of the ways to treat it?

healthy self esteem teen tween young women

4 ways to help your daughter develop healthy self-esteem

Healthy self-esteem is vital in young women, helping them develop the inner fortitude to forge confidently into their adult years. As a parent, there’s plenty you can do to help.

Postpartum depression you are not alone

Postpartum Depression: You are not alone

Do you or a loved one suffer from post-partum depression? Unsure? We walk you through the signs, symptoms & next steps, including natural treatment options.

How to embrace aging & thrive in the process

How to embrace aging & thrive in the process

Mental perceptions and habits play a significant role in our quality of life, and are considered by many experts the single most important indicator of well-being.

When knowledge is not enough overcoming psychological roadblocks to lifestyle change

When knowledge is not enough: Overcoming psychological roadblocks to lifestyle change

While knowledge can be empowering, knowledge alone does not necessarily translate into healthy living. Research suggests a number of psychological roadblocks can, and often do, sabotage our efforts at healthy living, even if our lives depend on it.


Likeminder™ – The future of preventive mental healthcare

A new type of social network for your private life – scheduled to be launched this year – could make a tremendous difference in removing common obstacles in the prevention of mental health and wellness issues.

Achieving healthy self-esteem

Achieving healthy self-esteem

In a culture obsessed with brands, aesthetics, image and general perfection, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel good about ourselves. Perhaps that’s why our internal chatter, or the way in which we speak to ourselves, often includes such harsh self-criticism.


The psychology of performance

Why do some athletes thrive under high stress conditions, while others crumble under pressure? The answer often lies in their levels of mental fitness.