exercising poor air quality

Exercising in Poor Air Quality: 10 Things You Should Know

With an extreme air quality advisory in place, many are still wondering whether or not it’s safe to continue to exercise. Here’s what you need to know!

prp therapy

PRP therapy – A new treatment for joint and tendon injuries

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an all-natural form of therapy that helps speed healing of chronic injuries including joint and muscle ailments

fertility cknw

Fertility with Dr. Beth Donaldson

Fertility is often top of mind for all couples looking to start a family, however many don’t start to think about it until they’re finally ready to get pregnant. Dr. Beth Donaldson sat down with CKNW’s Lynda Steele and Drex to discuss some of the most common questions surrounding fertility, including how to get your body ready early on.

travel health know go

Travel health: what to know before you go

When it comes to travel, many of us are concerned with what to wear, however not enough of us actually think about how to pack for our health. Registered Nurse, Aman Mangat, joins Lynda Steele & Drex of CKNW 980 to talk about what you need to know for your next vacation!

the importance of knowing your breast density

Breast density & cancer risk: what women need to know

Knowing your breast density is becoming increasingly important to your overall breast awareness and health.

why your skin ages and what you can do about it

Why your skin ages and what you can do about it:

Dr. Angela Nguan has the lowdown on why your skin ages, what effects the sun can have and how to keep your skin happy.

all about shingles

Shingles: everything you need to know

Nearly 1 in 3 Canadians will get shingles in their lifetime, and more than half of them will be 55-plus. Nurse Practitioner Alysha Lust tells us everything we need to know.

dealing with gout in the 21st century

Dealing with gout in the 21st century: It’s not just for kings anymore!

Dr. Cathy Harvey provides a primer on gout, including what it is, what to do if an attack occurs and how best to prevent it.

your lung health guide

Your lung health guide: What you need to do now to prevent lung cancer

Dr. Sarah Dosanjh provides a comprehensive guide to lung disease prevention to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your lungs healthy for years to come.

sedentary death syndrome sitting disease

Sedentary Death Syndrome: What it is and what you can do to prevent it

By now you may have heard that our largely sedentary modern lifestyle is an increasingly large contributor to premature death. There’s now even a name for this condition: sedentary death syndrome, also known as “the sitting disease.” How serious is sedentary death syndrome? Recent reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest it could be […]