always tired this might be why

Feeling more tired than usual? This might be why

You may be experiecing overwhelming thoughts during these times of uncertainty. But why have they manifested in the form of physically being more tired?

Couch ergonomics

Many of us are used to working in offices with ergonomic set-ups. However, as most of us work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not have access to standing desks or ergonomic office chairs. In fact, many of us have nowhere else to work besides our couch! Watch below as I explain couch […]


Our position on Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

We strive to provide an evidence-based approach to your care. Learn more about our position on hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19.

message from Copeman physicians

An important request from the physicians in BC at Copeman Healthcare

We can do this, but we can’t wait one more hour or one more day. Let’s save lives, together.

How does your DNA impact your health?

Your DNA can tell health professionals a lot about your health. With the field of genetics undergoing rapid growth and the invention of many new tests, healthcare is improving.

Five surprising things you probably didn’t know about exercise

Exercise can be used to treat, manage and prevent pain, inflammation and more! Read these five articles to learn about the lesser-known benefits of exercise, as well as how to move your body safely and effectively.

Top 5 questions about Pap tests asked and answered

To help alleviate confusion (and possibly fears), here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Pap test

How to know if you have low iron: What you need to know about iron deficiency

About 5 percent of Canadians (and 8 percent of women) suffer from insufficient iron levels. Fortunately, diagnosis and treatment are relatively simple.

Understanding pain: Why a “healed” injury can still hurt

Lingering ankle sprain? Pain without an apparent injury? Here’s why pain can come and go in such a seemingly random fashion.

Vaping in youth: What you need to know

What exactly are “vape” products, how common have they become and how bad are they really?

4 reasons to use virtual care this winter

Virtual healthcare services like Medisys On-Demand let you consult with a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home


Sexually transmitted infections: What you need to know

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are some of the world’s most widespread diseases. Here’s everything you need to know about STIs.

Stay Safe and Healthy While You Travel A Travelers Checklist

5 Pro Travel Tips: How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Whether for work or play, here are some important things to consider before bidding bon voyage. And don’t forget your virtual care app, Medisys on-Demand

How to reduce chronic inflammation through exercise

Many people are surprised to hear that appropriate amounts of exercise is one of the best ways to reduce chronic inflammation.

4 common issues that can be treated with virtual care

What conditions are most appropriate for online care, and when do you need an in-person visit? Here are 4 common health issues that can be treated with an online doctor visit.

The link between chronic inflammation and disease

Inflammation that we can’t always see or feel—also known as chronic inflammation—is significant because it can have a number of different impacts on your long-term health.

The brain-gut connection: How mental health affects digestion

Are your digestive health problems – such as heartburn, abdominal cramps or gastrointestinal disorders – related to your mental health or stress?

Erectile dysfunction: The hard facts about the soft truth

Erectile dysfunction affects as many as 40 percent of 40-year-old men and 70 percent of 70-year-old men. The good news is that it can be treated.

How pharmacogenetic testing can help you

Copeman physicians can now use genetic testing to optimize medication prescriptions. Learn how genetic testing can optimize the care you receive.

Is precision medicine the future of healthcare?

Precision medicine aims to individualize healthcare and medications through genetic analysis. Here’s an overview of what exactly precision medicine is.

Dry January: Does Abstaining from Alcohol for a Month Help as Much as Hoped

Some believe that temporarily eliminating alcohol detoxifies the body and can help turn around its impacts. But is it as effective as it might appear?

head on table in workday, wish she was sleeping

Sleep: The Ultimate Performance-Enhancing Drug

While we often think of sleep as a period of inactivity, it is nevertheless a very productive use of time. A kind of physiological piggy bank, sleep allows us to rejuvenate, allowing us to sustain happiness and productivity during our working hours. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need […]

Why your family medical history matters

We take a look at how our genes affect our health and how knowing our family medical history can personalize our healthcare

Arthritis: Prevention, management & exciting new treatments

You know that slight pain you feel in your knee, or your hips or your hands? There’s a good chance that’s arthritis.

Copeman physiotherapy: It’s more than just injury rehabilitation

Physiotherapists are a great option when recovering from injury. But do you know all of the other services your physiotherapist offers?

Not So Surprising Benefits of Music


Emerging research supports what many ancient cultures have known all along Music is an integral part of the daily lives of most North Americans. Whether we’re singing in the shower or exercising to the beat of our favourite tune, music is often what gets us through the day. But what if music was also the […]

5 benefits of massage therapy that you may not know

Massage therapy can help everything from chronic pain to poor posture, yet many people remain in the dark about the benefits of massage therapy

exercising poor air quality

Exercising in Poor Air Quality: 10 Things You Should Know

With an extreme air quality advisory in place, many are still wondering whether or not it’s safe to continue to exercise. Here’s what you need to know!

fertility cknw

Fertility with Dr. Beth Donaldson

Fertility is often top of mind for all couples looking to start a family, however many don’t start to think about it until they’re finally ready to get pregnant. Dr. Beth Donaldson sat down with CKNW’s Lynda Steele and Drex to discuss some of the most common questions surrounding fertility, including how to get your body ready early on.

travel health know go

Travel health: what to know before you go

When it comes to travel, many of us are concerned with what to wear, however not enough of us actually think about how to pack for our health. Registered Nurse, Aman Mangat, joins Lynda Steele & Drex of CKNW 980 to talk about what you need to know for your next vacation!

the importance of knowing your breast density

Breast density & cancer risk: what women need to know

Knowing your breast density is becoming increasingly important to your overall breast awareness and health.

why your skin ages and what you can do about it

Why your skin ages and what you can do about it

Dr. Angela Nguan has the lowdown on why your skin ages, what effects the sun can have and how to keep your skin happy.

all about shingles

Shingles: everything you need to know

Nearly 1 in 3 Canadians will get shingles in their lifetime, and more than half of them will be 55-plus. Nurse Practitioner Alysha Lust tells us everything we need to know.

dealing with gout in the 21st century

Dealing with gout in the 21st century: It’s not just for kings anymore!

Dr. Cathy Harvey provides a primer on gout, including what it is, what to do if an attack occurs and how best to prevent it.

your lung health guide

Your lung health guide: What you need to do now to prevent lung cancer

Dr. Sarah Dosanjh provides a comprehensive guide to lung disease prevention to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your lungs healthy for years to come.

sedentary death syndrome sitting disease

Sedentary Death Syndrome: What it is and what you can do to prevent it

By now you may have heard that our largely sedentary modern lifestyle is an increasingly large contributor to premature death. There’s now even a name for this condition: sedentary death syndrome, also known as “the sitting disease.” How serious is sedentary death syndrome? Recent reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest it could be […]

4 ways to cope with caregiver burnout

4 ways to cope with caregiver burnout

As the baby boom generation grows older and more people start to succumb to age-related disease, there is an increasing need for caregivers. Although most are happy to take on this position, the role of a caregiver is difficult and can often result in what is known as “caregiver burnout.”

9 secrets to living longer

9 secrets to living longer

While there are many factors that contribute to a happier, healthier life, the ultimate question for many of us is still, “What is the secret to living longer?” Here are the 9 secrets that will set you on the right track!

Men’s sexual health - what counts as normal? An interview with CKNW’s Lynda Steele & Drex

Men’s sexual health – what counts as normal? An interview with CKNW’s Lynda Steele & Drex

Men’s sexual health – what counts as normal? What could be a warning sign of other health problems? CKNW’s Health Check took a moment to chat with Dr Nathan Thakur, Medical Director with Copeman Healthcare, to ask these and other questions.

Cancer prevention advice from Dr. Beth Donaldson

Don’t shy away from the “C” word: early screening for peace of mind

When we talk about disease prevention, cancer is the one that most often comes to mind. It seems like something we have no control over, but there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Low energy? Your thyroid may be to blame

Low energy? Your thyroid may be to blame

Dr. Tracy Thomson discusses the signs and symptoms related to poor thyroid health and provides recommendations that help keep this important gland healthy as you age.

Surprising ways stress affects your hormones (and how to naturally rebalance)

Surprising ways stress affects your hormones (and how to naturally rebalance)

Dr. Chris Dawkins examines the hormonal effects of chronic stress and what you can do to rebalance.

Increasing your fertility for successful conception

Increasing your fertility for successful conception

Dr. Beth Donaldson addresses common fertility concerns and provides helpful advice for men and women to help you increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Over 65? Top 3 vaccinations you need to get now

Over 65? Top 3 vaccinations you need to get now

To prevent prevent common illnesses and fight immune aging, those 65 or older are encouraged to visit their Copeman Family Health Nurse (or Nurse Practitioner) to discuss these top 3 vaccines.

5 strategies for slowing aging

5 strategies to help slow down the aging process

Why does one person remain vigorous into his 80s and another dwindles at 70? How can we protect ourselves against premature aging? Here are 5 proven strategies.

Can a healthy lifestyle trump the genetics of heart disease?

Can a healthy lifestyle trump the genetics of heart disease?

While your chance of having a heart attack may be higher if it runs in your family, a number of lifestyle factors at play in the development of cardiovascular disease are actually well within our control.

smoking why stop now

Smoking: Why stop now?

Cessation will not only stop the daily damage to your body, but will also have an immediate positive effect on every aspect of your health, the health of those around you, and your overall quality of life.

Overcoming 6 common barriers to healthy lifestyle change

Overcoming 6 common barriers to healthy lifestyle change

The barriers to successful change are deep-rooted and difficult to overcome. However, with appropriate knowledge, guidance and support, you can make healthy lifestyle changes and look forward to impressive results.

unlocking your genetic code

Unlocking your genetic code – the science behind genetic testing

Certified Genetic Counsellor, Katherine Hodson answers your most asked questions about genes, genetic testing and why it may (or may not) be right for you.