5 travel-free adventures to plan this summer

While we likely won’t be crossing any borders this summer, we can still safely embrace our sense of adventure. Here are 5 travel-free adventures to plan this summer.

Virtual prevention screen FAQ

While we have all been living through unprecedented social change during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that continuity of care and tracking your health risks is important at all times. To better serve your needs, and accommodate your health and safety, we are excited to introduce the virtual prevention screen. The virtual prevention screen is […]

Tips for building mental toughness during times of scarcity

Use gratitude to build mental toughness

Stress is caused by feelings of scarcity. When we perceive that we do not have enough resources (e.g. time, money, personal space), we experience stress and anxiety. But could it be, that the reverse is also true—that if we challenge those perceptions, we can tap into feelings that come from having enough?

Meditation: Getting started

May is mental health month. Our mental health is especially important this spring as we continue to navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and adjust to the many changes the pandemic has brought into our lives. Meditation is a calming practice that relieves stress, and can be done almost anywhere. In addition to being […]

The health benefits of owning a dog

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to health officials calling for us to stay home and practice physical distancing. While it is socially responsible to stay at home, our physical and mental health can be negatively impacted in times of isolation if we’re not careful. It’s important, especially nowadays, to have ways to cope with the […]

Advice for parents during COVID-19

This article features common questions about parenting during COVID-19, including information to keep children physically and mentally healthy

Vaping in youth: What you need to know

What exactly are “vape” products, how common have they become and how bad are they really?

3 tips to help you reach your New Year’s health goals

Each January, the New Year brings with it new goals and resolutions, especially when it comes to health. But before you get started, get informed

3 surprising things a Nutrigenomix® test can reveal

A Nutrigenomix® test will indicate how an individual’s body metabolizes certain nutrients. Here are 3 things that you can learn from a Nutrigenomix® report.

Stay Safe and Healthy While You Travel A Travelers Checklist

5 Pro Travel Tips: How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Whether for work or play, here are some important things to consider before bidding bon voyage. And don’t forget your virtual care app, Medisys on-Demand