how successful companies protect their most important asset the health of their executives

How successful companies protect their most important asset – the health of their executives

Comprehensive employee wellness – particularly for those in the C suite – is an often overlooked priority that more and more companies are discovering is a key aspect of long-term strategy for success.

3 ways to get more from your health care provider_Dr Pavel Glaze LifePlus Program

3 ways to get more from your doctor

Does trying to make a timely appointment to see your family doctor cause you endless frustration? Are you tired of covering your health concerns in a five or ten minute window? If you feel like you’re missing the care in healthcare, maybe it’s time to make a change. Here are three ways to help you feel better.


13 Reasons Why sparks important conversations

The new Netflix blockbuster 13 Reasons Why is popularizing a youth suicide storyline, with potentially dangerous consequences. But is it a graphic and glamorized glorification of one teen’s revenge fantasy? Or a brave and unflinching social commentary on the contemporary youth suicide crisis?

Copeman physiotherapist gets young soccer star back on the pitch (2)

How one young Edmonton soccer star recovered from possible career-ending injury

As an active 14-year-old, Carly Johnston has had her share of bruises and pulled muscles. But when she rolled her ankle and heard a “pop” during a recent soccer game, her mom, Giovanna, knew that this injury would likely take more than a bag of frozen peas to fix. Luckily, as clients of Copeman Healthcare […]

predicting healthy futures

Predicting healthy Vancouver futures: Learn today what your health looks like tomorrow

If heart disease and diabetes run in your family, you may be worried about what the future holds for your own health. While it’s always helpful to know your genetic history, it doesn’t tell the complete story . The good news is, you often don’t have to look too far.

treating low testosterone in men

Treating low testosterone in men – an interview with CKNW’s Lynda Steele & Drex

The Steel & Drex Health Check spoke with Dr. Nathan Thakur, Executive Health Physician at Copeman Healthcare, about testosterone levels in men and the treatment that can be applied to increase vigour and energy.

Cathryn Carruthers Calgary Mother gets the healthcare she needs

Calgary mother finally overcomes long-term health challenges

Having a private health team on their side has transformed Cathryn Carruthers and her family. Not only did Copeman Healthcare Centre pursue her “mother’s instinct” about her daughter’s hip dysplasia, it also supported Carruthers through her own series of health challenges.

creating balance with health work and happiness

Creating Balance with Health, Work & Happiness

Dr. Beth Donaldson of Copeman Healthcare chats with CKNW about creating work-life balance and getting started on a path to a healthier, longer-lasting life.

how to optimize ceo and executive health

How to Optimize CEO and Executive Health with Chris Nedelmann

Chris Nedelmann, CEO of Copeman Healthcare, discusses the current opportunities to drive operational excellence and hard business results through comprehensive health and wellness management plans.

how to control your financial stress

How to control your financial stress – rather than let it control you

Medical Physician, Dr. Daniel Berendt and psychologist, Dr. Karen MacNeill discuss the effects of corporate and financial stress and what you can do to be more self-aware and better manage life’s stress and anxiety.