Gluten-free diets with Anya Skornyakova and the CHED Health Series

Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular – but are the diets actually healthier, or is it just the latest dieting trend based on myths?

diabetes cknw health check

Diabetes with Nina Hirvi and the CKNW Health Check

Diabetes is a fairly common disease and in many cases can actually be prevented. Learn more with Certified Diabetes Educator, Nina Hirvi and CKNW.

viagra for women cknw

Viagra for Women with Dr. Rhonda Low

Dr. Rhonda Low discusses some of the most common myths surrounding “Viagra for women” and their impact on women with CKNW’s Lynda Steele.

skin health cknw health check

Skin Health with Dr. Tasha Bienert & CKNW

Dr. Tasha Bienert of Copeman Healthcare discusses skin health with CKNW, plus provides tips to help keep your skin looking healthy and ageless.

coconut oil healthy diet

Coconut oil in a healthy diet

When consumed in excess, coconut oil, just like any other saturated fat, can still have a negative impact on your health.

hypertension cknw health check

Hypertension: an interview with CKNW’s Lynda Steele & Drex

“Hypertension” is a common term in the health industry, but many people don’t know what it means. Dr. Mark Gelfer of Copeman Healthcare sat down with Linda Steele from the CKNW Health Check to explain what it is and how you can help to prevent it.

8 ways to invest in your health and save time

8 ways to invest in your health and save time

We all want to lead healthy lives. Yet many of us struggle finding the time and energy to do so. After all, when time is tight, the effort we put into focusing on our health is usually the first thing that suffers. Here are 8 ways investing in your health can save you time.

how successful companies protect their most important asset the health of their executives

How successful companies protect their most important asset – the health of their executives

Comprehensive employee wellness – particularly for those in the C suite – is an often overlooked priority that more and more companies are discovering is a key aspect of long-term strategy for success.

3 ways to get more from your health care provider_Dr Pavel Glaze LifePlus Program

3 ways to get more from your doctor

Does trying to make a timely appointment to see your family doctor cause you endless frustration? Are you tired of covering your health concerns in a five or ten minute window? If you feel like you’re missing the care in healthcare, maybe it’s time to make a change. Here are three ways to help you feel better.


13 Reasons Why sparks important conversations

The new Netflix blockbuster 13 Reasons Why is popularizing a youth suicide storyline, with potentially dangerous consequences. But is it a graphic and glamorized glorification of one teen’s revenge fantasy? Or a brave and unflinching social commentary on the contemporary youth suicide crisis?