balanced exercise

Balanced exercise: How to get started

Work, family, play – it’s no wonder exercise often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Learn how to get started on a balanced plan.

why you need to cool down after exercise

Why you need to cool down after exercise

Most of us know we should stretch after a workout, but fewer know why, and even less know what a proper cool down should look like.

Copeman Kinesiologist helps male client roll out his hamstring

If you tend to skip your warm up, you’ll want to read this

From time to time, we all might be guilty of skipping a warm up. But if that has become your norm, it’s time to rethink how you allocate your exercise time.

Heart-rate training 101

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise is a great way to track intensity and fitness improvements. Learn if it could be right for you.

Boost your digestive health through exercise

We know that regular exercise is good for our overall health, but did you know that includes digestive health as well?

How to prevent age-related muscle loss

By the time we turn 40, many of us will begin to lose muscle mass. Fortunately, there are steps that can slow – or even reverse – this aging condition.

Music and Fitness - Kinesiologist Dana with client use music to keep the program interesting

Use Music to Turn Back Time

Want to stay active for many years to come? Music might be just what the doctor ordered (research shows!) to help you stay motivated, reduce your risk of injury and pain and even make your workouts seem easier (and who doesn’t want that?) Slow aging with music Music is not just for aerobics class—it may also help […]

guys runs up steps to show striving for goals

Optimize Your Fitness Routine with Realistic Goals

What’s really stopping you from achieving the results you want? To make a real change, you need to make choices and find a routine that works with your busy lifestyle. This four-step, honest approach is designed to help you set and achieve realistic health goals. It will help you reassess your priorities; consider any modifications; […]

3 Exercise resolutions that can lead to success

Here are three suggestions that can help you beat the odds and achieve long-term success this New Year

How to maintain (and improve) your mobility as you age

Mobility and flexibility training are what allow us to use our available ranges of motion to do our favourite activities, and stay healthy doing them