Rehabilitation program for osteoarthritis now available virtually

Good Life with OsteoArthritis (GLA:D) is made up of education and exercise sessions to help participants manage their osteoarthritis

4 creative ideas to mix up your outdoor workout

Whether you’re working out in your backyard or at a local park, here are 4 ways to get creative with your outdoor workout

Virtual training at Copeman Healthcare

Stuck at home? This article features links for fitness resources online, as well as information on Copeman Healthcare’s virtual personal training program.

Why it’s important to stay active in times of self-isolation

Keeping your body moving has many benefits, particularly in times of stress. Here are 3 things to keep in mind while exercising at home or during isolation

Workout of the day: March 23

It’s important to get our bodies moving, even as we practice social distancing. Exercise helps us sleep better at night, is good for our immune function, and provides valuable endorphins! Copeman Healthcare kinesiologists recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity per week. While we may not be going to the gym, […]

Five surprising things you probably didn’t know about exercise

Exercise can be used to treat, manage and prevent pain, inflammation and more! Read these five articles to learn about the lesser-known benefits of exercise, as well as how to move your body safely and effectively.

What you can expect during a Copeman Kinesiology assessment

If you’re not moving properly or want to ensure you keep moving the way you need to, a Copeman kinesiologist can help.

definitive guide to moving better

Fitness for life: The definitive guide

Copeman Healthcare’s team of kinesiologists presents the ultimate guide to exercise and fitness. Discover everything you need to know about exercising through every age and stage of life—plus, learn to love your workout routine and manage your weight, get healthier and improve your fitness level in a way that fits your lifestyle.


4 Progressive Exercises for Developing Muscular Coordination in the Lateral Subsystem

4 progressive exercises for developing muscular coordination in the lateral subsystem. These will help you improve balance as you stand, walk and run.

client works with trainer on muscle coordination

Improving movement through muscular coordination, not isolation

In real life, we rarely use a muscle group in isolation. Therefore, no matter how valuable exercises are for specific muscle groups, they offer the greatest benefit when performed in coordination with other targeted muscles.

balanced exercise

Balanced exercise: How to get started

Work, family, play – it’s no wonder exercise often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Learn how to get started on a balanced plan.

why you need to cool down after exercise

Why you need to cool down after exercise

Most of us know we should stretch after a workout, but fewer know why, and even less know what a proper cool down should look like.

Copeman Kinesiologist helps male client roll out his hamstring

If you tend to skip your warm up, you’ll want to read this

From time to time, we all might be guilty of skipping a warm up. But if that has become your norm, it’s time to rethink how you allocate your exercise time.

Heart-rate training 101

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise is a great way to track intensity and fitness improvements. Learn if it could be right for you.

Boost your digestive health through exercise for digestion

We know that regular exercise is good for our overall health, but did you know that includes digestive health as well?

How to prevent age-related muscle loss

By the time we turn 40, many of us will begin to lose muscle mass. Fortunately, there are steps that can slow – or even reverse – this aging condition.

Music and Fitness - Kinesiologist Dana with client use music to keep the program interesting

Use Music to Turn Back Time

Want to stay active for many years to come? Music might be just what the doctor ordered (research shows!) to help you stay motivated, reduce your risk of injury and pain and even make your workouts seem easier (and who doesn’t want that?) Slow aging with music Music is not just for aerobics class—it may also help […]

guys runs up steps to show striving for goals

Optimize Your Fitness Routine with Realistic Goals

What’s really stopping you from achieving the results you want? To make a real change, you need to make choices and find a routine that works with your busy lifestyle. This four-step, honest approach is designed to help you set and achieve realistic health goals. It will help you reassess your priorities; consider any modifications; […]

3 Exercise resolutions that can lead to success

Here are three suggestions that can help you beat the odds and achieve long-term success this New Year

How to maintain (and improve) your mobility as you age

Mobility and flexibility training are what allow us to use our available ranges of motion to do our favourite activities, and stay healthy doing them

Tired of nagging injuries? Try a collaborative approach to recovery through Copeman’s Sports Medicine program

When injury occurs, one of the best things you can do is work with a personal trainer. Not only can a professional design a fitness program to help you rehabilitate and strengthen your injury, they can also show you how to prevent future problems.

exercising poor air quality

Exercising in Poor Air Quality: 10 Things You Should Know

With an extreme air quality advisory in place, many are still wondering whether or not it’s safe to continue to exercise. Here’s what you need to know!

Exercise Mistakes

3 common exercise mistakes and how to fix them

You exercise regularly, but you’re still not making any progress. Could you be unintentionally sabotaging your exercise goals?

Strength training

The truth about strength training & why it’s essential for your health

If you’re looking to make some fitness improvements for the summer, incorporating strength training into your fitness routine could be the way to achieve it

HIIT workouts

Introducing HIIT – the most efficient workout for fat loss

High-intensity interval training has been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years – and for good reason.

fix lower back pain

How Stretching Could Help Fix Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent causes of activity limitation in adults today and, unfortunately, the root cause can be hard to diagnose. As part of a series on lower back pain, this article will focus on how tight muscles could be the culprit behind your daily pain and will provide examples of stretches that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

inbody assessment body composition

Does your weight on the scale really matter? An InBody assessment could reveal the answer

Have you ever wondered exactly how to assess your body composition – or why that might be important? That’s where InBody comes into play.

Physiotherapy is key for pelvic floor dysfunction

Here’s why your Kegel exercises might not work as well as you thought they would

Pelvic floor functionality is something many women don’t think about – but perhaps more women should. Physiotherapy is key for pelvic floor dysfunction.

fast fitness for beginners

Fast Fitness for Beginners

A new year means new fitness resolutions, but starting a new workout routine can be challenging – especially if you don’t know where to begin. To help get you started, we’ve put together a simple workout routine with five body weight exercises that target your whole body to promote strength, endurance, balance and core functioning. All you need is a little bit of floor space and a timer!

Personal workout plan

Creating Your Perfect Workout Plan

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” workout routine? Kinesiologist, Hedieh Hafizi, explains how to create the perfect workout plan.

Exercise as medicine

The Miracle Medication: No Prescription Required!

What if you discovered a medication capable of preventing or treating dozens of diseases? Luckily, this magic medication exists; exercise!

exercising for cancer prevention

How to combat cancer with exercise

The importance of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Two exercise medicine experts weigh in.

Workout with personal trainer in the health club.

Want better results at the gym? A structured program could be the answer

If you often visit the gym without a plan, you’re probably not making the most of your time or energy. A structured exercise program could make a significant difference to your fitness progress.

never exercised before why start now

I’ve never exercised before, so why should I start now?

Most people are aware that exercising can help you lose weight. Yet many of the other countless benefits of exercising often go unnoticed. Kinesiologist, Dana Permann explains why exercise is for EVERYONE (yes, even you!).

is intramuscular stimulation IMS treatment right for you

How Gunn IMS can offer the pain relief you seek

Do you experience tight muscles and pain that no amount of stretching or other treatment seems to help?
Gunn IMS may be the answer you’re looking for.

exercises to help you destress

4 Exercise strategies to help you destress

Did you know you can help manage your cortisol levels with exercise? And that this can lead to weight loss, lower blood pressure, and better sleep? Learn how.

safe exercise for healthy pregnancy

Safe exercise for a healthy pregnancy

Historically, expectant mothers were told to avoid exercise throughout their pregnancy. However, research now shows that exercise is safe, even if a woman did not exercise regularly before getting pregnant.

Manage your weight with an active lifestyle

Manage your weight with an active lifestyle

It’s no secret that physical activity and exercise does our body good. But did you know physical inactivity or sedentary behaviour has its own set of negative consequences?

Is exercise the secret to longevity

Is exercise the secret to longevity?

Why should we start or continue exercise at the age of 65 or older? Kinesiologist, Nadine Sinnen explores what research says about our physical body, exercise and aging.

Exercise for a healthy immune system

Exercise for a healthy immune system

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to get over a cold? Exercise can be a great way to keep your immune system strong.

Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s…methylation?

New research tells us we may be altering more than just the number on the scale when we exercise.

three fitness misconceptions to put to rest

Three fitness misconceptions put to rest

We’ve taken a look at three of the most common fitness misconceptions to help you get the most out of your workout.

Reboot your exercise routine: 5 easy tips to meet your fitness goals

Reboot your exercise routine: 5 easy tips to meet your fitness goals

Is your resolution for 2015 to finally reach your health and fitness goals? It’s not as daunting as it may seem. Follow these five easy tips to get the most out of your workout.

Dizziness and balance disorders: “I want to get off this ride!”

Dizziness and balance disorders: “I want to get off this ride!”

If you have ever felt disoriented or unstable, you are not alone. Dizziness and balance problems account for up to 10 per cent of all physician visits and affects more than 60 per cent of the adult population.

Know your fitness personality our top picks for wearable technology

Know your fitness personality: our top picks for wearable technology

We’ve selected our favourite apps and wearable tech to suit every kind of fitness personality and help you stay on course to reach your goals.

yoga for a better night sleep

Yoga for a better night’s sleep

In our fast-paced Western culture, it’s no surprise that so many Canadians have difficulty falling asleep. Since it is not often possible to change our culture and our environment, another way to find some peace within the chaos of the world is through yoga.

why you should be sleeping like an athlete

Why you should be sleeping like an athlete

Whether you’re training for a competition or involved with recreational sports, you can expect to see a decrease in exercise performance if you are selling yourself short on sleep.

Want younger looking skin? Exercise might be the answer

Want younger looking skin? Exercise might be the answer

Believe it or not, the rewards of exercise extend far beyond adding muscle tone or slimming down. Exercise also helps improve the look, feel and age of your skin.

top tech fitness apps and gear

Train like the pros: top tech fitness apps & gear

Using a high tech device or even a simple app on your phone can give you precise information about how you’re doing in your training and how you can improve over time.


Yin is in: Yoga for all performance

Top athletes in-the-know practice yoga for its optimization and recovery benefits. It’s seen as an important part of a well-rounded competitive or recreational fitness program. If you haven’t yet incorporated a Yin yoga practice into your workout or sports training routine, now is the time to start.