Specialized healthcare program for ages 18 to 24

Personalized healthcare designed specifically for the needs and challenges of today’s young adults

What is the Young Adults Prevention Program?

Copeman Healthcare’s Young Adults Prevention Program offers a personalized assessment and ongoing care designed specifically for young adults aged 18 to 24 to put them on the path to lasting wellness.

Finding early signs of disease is a fundamental aspect of any primary prevention program. The Copeman Young Adults Prevention Program offers both early detection and prevention, along with a greater understanding of long-term health risks based on family history genetics and lifestyle.

The health risk profile helps motivate lifestyle choices that can prevent disease from taking hold in the first place – while promoting overall wellness in a meaningful way.

The Young Adults Prevention Program is designed to answer sensitive questions about risky behaviours and sexual health, and to develop healthy habits that are known to produce the best outcomes for lasting health throughout the adult years.

What’s included in the Young Adults Prevention Program?

  • Comprehensive health risk assessment (prevention screening)
  • Personalized lab screening based on gender and risk profile*
  • Full physical examination*
  • Comprehensive medical history and intake
  • Ongoing care provided by a Nurse Practitioner and/or a Family Physician*
  • Fitness and functional movement assessment
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Travel health clinic
  • Health questionnaire to identify areas of risk
  • 30-minute prevention screening follow-up with Nurse Practitioner and/or Family Physician* with recommendations for optimizing health
  • Access to a dynamic online health portal (Carebook)
  • A Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Dietitian, a Kinesiologist and other experts as required*
  • 24/7 Virtual Care Services provided by Medisys On-Demand

Optional elements based on your health risk profile (additional fees may apply):

  • Ongoing care services (LifePlus Program)
  • Mental health services
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Integrated personal training

Young Adults Prevention Program Fees

Immediate family member enrolled in the LifePlus Program – $1,500/year

No affiliation with a LifePlus client – $2,500/year

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Fees for the Young Adults Program are strictly for the uninsured components listed above. The components with an asterisk (*), including a physician visit, personalized lab screening based on gender and risk profile, a comprehensive physician visit or any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Copeman Healthcare or physicians working at the Centre when they are considered insured services. Purchase of the Young Adults Prevention Program is not a pre-condition to access insured physician services.