Specialized Health Services & Assessments

Copeman Healthcare offers a wide range of specialized health services to help your organization consolidate its employee health services with a respected provider. This reduces your cost and improves the overall level of service you receive.

Specialized organizational health services

Travel Medicine

Not taking proper precautions before your employees travel to a foreign country can result in illness and unexpected medical expenses. Diseases could be contracted and spread throughout the workplace. Our staff are trained to educate your employees on travel risks, and can provide all immunization services required for international travel.

Diving Medicine

By law, divers require regular medical exams to ensure they are fit to dive and do not have medical conditions that would jeopardize their health and safety underwater. For divers that require regular medicals, Copeman Healthcare has three licensed physicians on staff certified to perform Diving Medicals and the advanced training required to decide complicated cases. In addition to Diving Medicals these physicians are trained to identify, treat and advise divers about illnesses or conditions that would place them at risk for diving accidents or risks to their general health as a result of diving.

High Altitude Medicine

If you travel to high mountainous regions of the world (particularly applicable to industries like mining) you must understand the prevention and recognition of altitude illnesses. Lack of education and preparedness can lead to serious illness—sometimes death. The Copeman Healthcare Centre retains a PhD specialist in high altitude medicine to properly prepare you.

Immunizations & Pandemic Planning

Copeman Healthcare can assist your organization with medical policies, infection control supplies, community resource linkages and direct medical advice on planning for potential pandemics, including influenza and avian flu.

Immunization Programs: Employee healthcare services such as group immunizations for Influenza, Hepatitis B and other industry or location-specific diseases can be administered on-site or through the Centre.

Rehabilitation Services

If rehabilitation after injury or illness is keeping your staff away from the workplace, the advanced, team-based rehabilitation programs at the Centres can deliver earlier return-to-work outcomes.

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