Identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins

Genetics is a complex and dynamic field. Our ability to understand and test the human genome is changing every day.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of how to prevent disease and optimize your health, genetic testing is right for you. Whether it be early screening for cancer, prenatal testing, predicting drug interactions or how your medications are metabolized, genetic testing can offer us the ability to personalize medicine better than ever before.

Your Copeman care team is committed to integrating the most advanced testing available into your care plans that will also include your personal health history, health goals and preferences. The additional information will allow our clinicians to deliver care in a more personalized fashion.

Helps doctors and pharmacists understand an individual’s response to different medications and the best prescription for their body

Analyzes genes that indicate an increased risk of developing common hereditary cancers or disorders

Provides valuable information on how an individual can optimize behaviours and habits to improve lifestyle

Supports family planning decisions through carrier and in-vitro screens to determine risk of hereditary conditions that can affect a new baby