Learn more about our genetic and biomarker tests

At Copeman, our mission is to improve quality of life by offering the highest standards of personalized and prevention-focused healthcare. With advances in science and medicine, we now have the ability to understand an individual’s unique make-up.

With this information, we can tailor a personalized prevention plan designed to address your key risks. Matching a person’s unique genetic profile and biomarkers to their prevention and treatment plan is known as Precision Health.

Precision Health at Copeman promises to:

  • Provide additional insights beyond family history to identify increased genetic or lifestyle risks.
  • Use genetic and biomarker information to help target disease prevention plans and monitor health to detect illness in the earliest stages when treatment is most effective.
  • Make evidence-based decisions using the results from genetic and biomarker testing.
  • Inform personalized treatment plans in a collaborative team-based environment.
  • Inform appropriate therapies and dose based on your unique genetic profile.

We make your results medically relevant

With Precision Health, we provide you the insights to personalize your healthcare and empower you to make more informed decisions about your well-being.

  • Tests you can trust, handpicked by our experts
  • Customized support and guidance from your preventative care team
  • Results that remain relevant to inform future health decisions
  • Timely and convenient testing processed through your local clinic

Copeman is proud to offer a variety of genetic and biomarker tests that provide clients with enhanced information about their health risks. Our suite of tests cover several key areas:


Identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins

Helps doctors and pharmacists understand an individual’s response to different medications and the best prescription for their body

Analyzes genes that indicate an increased risk of developing common hereditary cancers or disorders

Provides valuable information on how an individual can optimize behaviours and habits to improve lifestyle

Supports family planning decisions through carrier and in-vitro screens to determine risk of hereditary conditions that can affect a new baby

Precision Health at Copeman Healthcare is available on a fee-for-service basis to all LifePlus clients interested in learning more about how they can personalize their healthcare plans.

Let’s make your health a top priority. Precision Health is one element of a proactive healthcare plan with Copeman Healthcare. Click Get Started to take the first step towards optimal health.