Comprehensive healthcare for me

Comprehensive programs & services personalized to you

If you believe your health is important, but you’re having challenges making it happen or you’re simply looking for unhurried, on-time appointments that put your needs first, Copeman Healthcare can help.

We believe in the power of prevention, early detection, timely intervention and we work with you to develop health and wellness plans that work for you.

LifePlus Program: Ongoing Primary Healthcare

Premium healthcare designed around your unique needs

Copeman Healthcare’s renowned LifePlus program is an ongoing primary & comprehensive healthcare program that provides clients with a dedicated team of professionals from different medical disciplines.

They work with you to optimize your health, maximize disease prevention, facilitate early detection and execute timely interventions. You can expect prevention-focused health screenings, on-time, unhurried appointments and personalized prevention planning.

The LifePlus program is designed for adults of all ages who desire prevention planning and ongoing care.

Learn what to expect from the LifePlus Program or watch the video below.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Disease prevention starts with a comprehensive health risk assessment

The first step in any program of disease prevention is understanding the status of your health today, and what your particular risks may be.

Copeman Healthcare’s Comprehensive Health Assessment is a physician-led, head to toe assessment which includes complete evidence-based screening and diagnostic tests, and in-depth medical, dietary and fitness consultations.

Learn what to expect from a Comprehensive Health Assessment.

Young Adults Prevention Program: Ongoing Primary Healthcare

Giving young adults the care they need for lifelong health & wellness

The Young Adults Program is designed to create a path to lasting wellness for those between the ages of 18 and 24. Finding early signs of disease is a fundamental aspect of any primary prevention program. The Young Adults program takes this one step further by offering greater understanding of long-term health risks based on family history and lifestyle.

Learn what to expect from the Young Adults Prevention Program.

Prevention, early detection & timely intervention

Prevention is most powerful when we make healthy choices on a consistent basis, but even if we indulge a little more than we should or exercise a little less than we planned, a regular assessment can track subtle changes in health and help detect disease in the earliest stages when treatment is most effective.

Ongoing primary healthcare

We understand not everyone is ready for a prevention plan – and that’s okay. We are here for you whether you are looking for an ongoing care team, you’ve had a recent diagnosis, or a recent sports injury. In all cases we tailor our care to your unique needs and we consider your specific risks.

A team-based approach

Central to all services is a team-based approach aimed at optimizing your nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health.

At Copeman, you will have your very own dedicated multi-disciplinary medical team working together to find ways to optimize your health, maximize disease prevention, facilitate early detection and execute timely interventions.

Unhurried, on-time appointments

In addition to collaboration, our model also strongly emphasizes unhurried, on-time visits, outstanding customer service and additional conveniences that include an on-site laboratory.

It is exactly this type of outstanding service and collaboration that have become the hallmarks of Copeman Healthcare’s renowned programs and services.