Family Doctor-led Ongoing Healthcare Program

The care of a private family doctor, integrated with a dedicated team of professionals providing you the attention you deserve, 365 days a year

What is the LifePlus Program?

The LifePlus Program is Copeman Healthcare’s premier primary care program. It’s all-inclusive and delivers modern, evidence-based healthcare – with a focus on prevention and health management.

It integrates the care of expert physicians (family doctors*) with the specialized expertise of a multi-professional team for optimal disease prevention and health management.

The LifePlus program provides you with year-round medical care in an unhurried, on-time and collaborative manner – bringing together the combined expertise of over 175 on-staff medical professionals. It offers uninsured services for health-conscious people who want the support and availability of an expert medical and health team when they need it.

Annual health risk assessment & medical history

LifePlus clients receive an annual prevention screen (assessment), ongoing care and access to powerful health management tools. This is a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment that determines your level of risk in acquiring disease. An extensive consultation with a family health nurse to review your medical history including lifestyle factors is also provided.

As a member of Copeman Healthcare we are always looking for ways to increase the value of your membership—even more so during this period of COVID-19. Therefore, we are excited to introduce the virtual prevention screen. The virtual prevention screen is an assessment of your unique health risks that is completed by video call and/or by phone. Any care requirements that cannot be accommodated immediately will be made up at a later date. This is a temporary solution and we are working hard to return to normal operations and complete in-person prevention screens as soon as it is safe to do so. To learn more and to book your virtual prevention screen, please click here.

Urgent case management

Your Copeman Healthcare team can assist you when there is an urgent need for expedited medical care. Timely private specialist and surgical referral options, case management and concierge medical services can relieve a substantial burden for you and your family.

Advanced, evidence-based screening & diagnostics

Your medical profile will guide our diagnostic team. We will perform any necessary tests* with the objective of detecting disease as early as possible so that its potential effects can be minimized.

Consultations and health plan development

You will get an extensive consultation with an expert physician*, followed by personalized consultations with:

  • a registered dietitian
  • a kinesiologist or exercise physiologist (for fitness assessment and functional movement screen)
  • a member of our psychological and brain health team (first year of program only)

A personalized, team-based health plan will be developed for you. It includes a complete prescription for preventive health in three areas: diet and nutrition, fitness and body function and mental health. If necessary, you’ll also receive treatment options – including private alternatives.

Ongoing, expert family care

You’ll be provided with unlimited time with a dedicated personal health team. Your multi-specialty collaborative care team will help you achieve your health goals. This includes a personal physician*, a dietitian, a kinesiologist, a family health nurse or nurse practitioner and a dedicated personal health coordinator (Clinical Care Coordinator). Other clinicians will be assigned to you if necessary for advanced team-based care of complex, unresolved issues.

LifePlus Clinical Pathways

When it comes to healthcare, one size does not fit all. That’s why the LifePlus Program includes highly individualized pathways of care to meet your unique needs including multi-disciplinary programs for chronic disease management and specialized women’s and men’s health programs.

Learn more about Clinical Pathways

All clients of the LifePlus Program also receive:

  • Gold standard of preventive medicine
  • Ongoing support from a team of caring professionals
  • Flexible, convenient appointments
  • Comfortable, modern facilities
  • Navigation of public and private health systems
  • Convenience of an on-site laboratory
  • Personal and group education
  • Optional access to Best Doctors of Canada
  • 24/7 Virtual Care Services provided by the Medisys On-Demand app
  • 24/7 online health management system called Carebook™ (health records, risk status, surveillance, test results, resources and more)
  • Automated notification of laboratory and other results
  • Reminders for scheduled tests and examinations
  • Accessible downtown location
  • Complimentary MacKay CEO Forums Community Membership (12 months) for clients that meet MacKay CEO Forums qualifying criteria

LifePlus Program Fees

LifePlus Program First Year Annual Fee – $4,650

LifePlus Program Annual Renewal Fee (Year 2 and beyond) – $3,650

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Fees for the LifePlus Program are strictly for the uninsured components listed above. The components with an asterisk (*), including a physician visit, personalized lab screening based on gender and risk profile, a comprehensive physician visit or any other publicly insured services will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Copeman Healthcare or physicians working at the Centre when they are considered insured services. Purchase of the LifePlus Program is not a pre-condition to access to insured physician services.