Cardio Metabolic Risk Reduction

If you have Metabolic Syndrome, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease you are at a higher risk of a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke. Copeman Healthcare’s Cardio Metabolic Risk Reduction service offers you an opportunity to identify and manage your risks through:

  • Therapeutic lifestyle change
  • Coaching appropriate treatment
  • Health monitoring
  • Ongoing education to help you prevent a cardiac event.

How it works

Using careful calculations and lab work, you will be assessed for risk then referred to the appropriate resource where a personalized plan will be developed.

You will then be monitored over the next six months while your care team helps stabilize your condition and manage your risk factors. You will be directed to a particular track with specific protocols depending on your level of risk.

In addition to a physician, all tracks receive care from exercise medicine specialists and dietitians. Where needed, care may also be provided by counsellors, physiotherapists and visiting cardiologists. Ongoing monitoring, education and yearly assessments are made for all clients enrolled in Cardio Metabolic Risk Reduction.

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