Did you know that two out of five Canadians (46% of men and 41% of women) are expected to develop some form of cancer sometime during their lifetime? Just the word cancer often evokes many emotional responses. However, it is important to distinguish between an emotional response to a disease and the facts.

While it is true that cancer will affect many Canadians directly and many more indirectly through friends and family, it’s also true that many cancers are treatable if detected early. Studies have shown that early detection often leads to vastly improved survival rates. (See table below)

Relative 5-year cancer survival rates

Cancer TypeEarly DetectionLate detection

Medical science has made tremendous progress on many of the most prevalent Cancers with methods and technologies for earlier detection, effective treatment and increasingly optimistic five-year survival rates. An early diagnosis often means a better outcome.

At Copeman Healthcare our goal is to provide you with close health surveillance to identify any early signs of Cancer through our comprehensive health assessment, annual health screen and ongoing care.

In cases where an early diagnosis is made, our job is to provide ongoing counselling, support, navigation and timely answers. Where needed, our care professionals will make appropriate referrals to Oncologists and leading Cancer specialists, act as your care advocate, and guide you every step of the way to ensure that you get the treatment you need. With early detection, recent improvements in care and treatment, Cancer can be beaten.

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