Comprehensive healthcare for my organization

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

Your competitive advantage demands that you get the most out of your people. What are you doing to invest in the health of your top talent? Smart companies know that well-placed investments in corporate health programs deliver substantial returns for companies and their key people.

Corporate health programs have been shown to drive:

  • increased productivity
  • engagement
  • retention employee loyalty and
  • substantial savings in terms of reduced health benefit costs

Health programs are also an important pillar in any corporate risk mitigation strategy – lowering health premiums, drug costs, losses from long-term disability, avoiding extended absences or the loss of critical resources is only good business sense.

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LifePlus Program: Ongoing Executive Healthcare

Keep your executive teams in top condition with a premium comprehensive healthcare program

The early detection of disease is only a small part of prevention. The real goal of prevention is to help the executive build resilience to fend off disease or disorders.

Early detection of cancer or cardiovascular disease is good, but never getting a disease is better. The LifePlus Program provides your staff and their families expert medical care with appointments that run on time.

What you can expect from the LifePlus Program

Comprehensive Health Assessment: Annual Executive Medical

Peace of mind for you and your valued employees

Often referred to as “Executive Health Assessments” or “Executive Medicals”, Copeman Healthcare’s annual, personalized multi-disciplinary health assessment incorporates the care of a physician with a collaborative team of expert medical professionals for the early detection of disease and preventing disease from taking hold in the first place.

What you can expect from the Comprehensive Health Assessment.

Organizational Wellness Technology

Secure, web-based health management for your organization

Copeman Healthcare uses evidence-based tools to assess the health of your entire organization, providing executive management with the information they need to design better health and benefit programs, as well as to ensure the organization is operating at maximum levels of productivity.

At the heart of Copeman’s Organizational Wellness Program is Carebook, a secure, web-based health management system to all employees enrolled in a Copeman Corporate Wellness Program.

What you can expect from the Carebook.

Specialized Medical Examinations

Occupational medical examinations for specialized industries

Copeman Healthcare offers numerous services and specialized medical examinations (Travel Health, Diving, High Altitude, Immunizations & Pandemic Planning and Rehabilitation Services) tailored to the workplace, as well as personal and family health services that add to the effectiveness of your health programs.

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Why choose Copeman for your Organization?

Copeman Healthcare offers the most comprehensive and effective health programs in Canada.

We offer more than just advanced Executive Health Assessments. We offer complete corporate health services and continuity of care that delivers the support and education required to prevent disease altogether, combined with services that ensure your valued staff get timely expert medical care when they need it – including the services of our convenient on-site laboratory.

Lowering Your Health Risks

Copeman Healthcare is one of the few organizations in the world to offer integrated medical services in the three fundamental aspects of total healthcare: physical, psychological and brain health.

Just as no two people are alike, no two organizations are alike. We can build a comprehensive health and wellness program designed to provide the results you’re looking for within a budget you can afford.