Advanced Technology for a Healthy Workforce

Copeman Healthcare can provide sophisticated, evidence-based tools to assess the health of your organization and help ensure peak productivity by assisting in the creation of more effective health and wellness programs.

Carebook™, your organization’s health management system

The heart of the Centre’s Organizational Wellness Program is a computerized Health Management System called Carebook.

This secure internet-based technology allows personnel to assess their relative risk for 12 cancers, 4 chronic diseases, anxiety, depression, brain health issues and a number of other important wellness indicators.

Your staff will immediately receive valuable information on their health status and some useful guidance to lower health risks. Your organization will get an anonymous report on its overall “health” and what risks it may want to focus on. This can be organized by job type, location or any other grouping that your organization wishes to monitor.

A built-in health scoring system can be used to continually measure the effectiveness of the organization’s employee health and wellness strategy.

Permanent, secure personal health record

Carebook does not stop at risk assessment and education. It also provides your people with a permanent, secure Personal Health Record (PHR) that can consolidate medical and health data from many different sources including doctors’ offices, home monitoring devices and mobile health applications. Carebook then uses this information to help manage the health of individuals and their families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here are some of the other features your staff will enjoy:

  • Online access to laboratory and test results
  • Active surveillance of laboratory measures with recommendations
  • Programmed prevention reminders for all necessary immunizations, tests and examinations
  • Medical summary for emergency use or communication with professionals
  • Scheduling, reminders & notes for all medical appointments
  • Storage of health & specialist reports, x-ray & other images and medical documents
  • Comprehensive educational resources for preventive health
  • Integration with popular health and fitness apps and devices including Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone and iHealth (with more devices to come!)

Once Carebook has provided the organization with the information it needs to better plan for health and wellness programs, the professionals at the Copeman Healthcare Centre can also assist in the implementation of effective risk reduction programs and strategies.