Brain Health Services

What does it mean to have a healthy brain?

  • Mental sharpness
  • Longevity
  • Wellbeing
  • Resilience

Wellness begins with a healthy brain

A healthy brain is important for cognitive performance at work and at home. Your brain health team can help you make a plan to ensure that you are on the right track to a healthy brain. Understanding the factors that promote brain health and identifying ways to help you improve your brain skills in everyday life may also reduce the risk of conditions that cause cognitive decline, like Alzheimer’s disease. Getting a brain health baseline is also an important part of preventative health. Your brain health team offers a variety of assessment services to support brain health in adults, children, and youth.

Copeman Healthcare offers a range of assessment, prevention and treatment programs for brain health (neuropsychological health) including:

Brain Health programs, services and assessments are OPEN SERVICES that do not require membership at Copeman Healthcare.

Brain Health Services & Assessments

Brain Health Baseline

The Brain Health Baseline is an essential part of preventative health. This brief screening provides you with a baseline score in five important areas of cognition and in seven important domains of wellbeing so that you and your healthcare team can quickly and easily measure and track changes in thinking and wellbeing. A Brain Health Baseline is a great first step in better understanding how you think and feel. Results from your Brain Health Baseline can help you optimize your healthcare plan and help you determine whether you need to make changes to maximize your long-term brain health and wellbeing.

What does a Brain Health Baseline include?

The Brain Health Baseline involves a brief screening of memory, processing speed, attention, and psychological health either via computer or iPad. It includes a computer-generated report and brief meeting with neuropsychology staff. The Brain Health Baseline takes approximately one hour to complete.

Brain Health Baseline – $550

Neuropsychology Consultation

A Neuropsychology Consultation is a one-hour session with a neuropsychologist to address concerns about brain health or mental health. A neuropsychologist is a registered psychologist with specialized training in assessing conditions that affect cognition and mental health.

The most common reasons for consulting with a neuropsychologist are:

  1. Changes in thinking, including memory changes: You or a loved one may have noticed recent changes in your cognitive abilities. A Neuropsychology Consultation can help determine if there is cause for further investigation, including whether a more thorough assessment is needed.
  2. Family history: If you have a family history of dementia or other cognitive issues, a neuropsychologist can discuss your best options from lifestyle changes to further testing or assessment.
  3. A specific question about brain health: Sometimes you have a unique circumstance or medical problem, and you want to talk it over with an expert in brain health.
  4. Changes in mood and behaviour: You or a loved one may have noticed recent changes in your mood or behaviour. A Neuropsychology Consultation can help determine if there is cause for further investigation, including whether a more thorough assessment is needed.
  5. Physician referral: Current symptoms or concerns from your physician may warrant the expertise of a neuropsychologist for further screening and diagnostics.

Following your consultation and depending on your personal needs, your neuropsychologist may recommend a specific assessment, treatment, lifestyle change, or specialist referral. If your neuropsychologist recommends further assessment, the cost of your Neuropsychological Consultation will be used towards your assessment fee.

Neuropsychology Consultation – $250 – 290/hr

Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment

The Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment provides an in-depth assessment of cognition and mental health for purposes of diagnosis and treatment. It is suitable for healthy people who want a comprehensive benchmark of cognition for prevention and for tracking change, and for people concerned about age-related changes in cognition. It is also suitable for the clinical diagnosis of conditions affecting cognition and mental health. As part of your Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment, you will also be provided with individualized treatment recommendations unique to your situation aimed at promoting long-term brain health and wellbeing.

The Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment is a more in-depth assessment than the Brain Health Baseline and assesses the following domains:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Language
  • Visual memory
  • Verbal memory
  • Executive functioning
  • Processing speed

The Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment allows you to:

  • Help identify normal age-related changes
  • Help differentiate between changes in cognition due to stress, mental health conditions, normal aging, medical conditions, and neurological conditions
  • Provide a reference point and treatment recommendations
  • Identify early signs and track progression of conditions affecting thinking
  • Target areas for focus within a brain fitness program

What does a Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment include?

The Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment includes a clinical interview with a neuropsychologist and a battery of gold-standard neurocognitive tests and psychological health questionnaires administered by a trained psychometrist. It also includes a written report and a 30-minute feedback session with a neuropsychologist. The assessment requires approximately 4 hours of your time.

Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment – $1,650

Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational evaluation is specialized evaluation that measures IQ and academic achievement in addition to behaviour and mood, and helps identify the cause of difficulties with school performance. Psychoeducational evaluations are usually requested by parents, schools, teachers, family doctors, or pediatricians to determine the causes of problems with learning or behaviour at school, and in addition to identifying learning disabilities, can identify other common conditions that interfere with learning such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, or behaviour disorders. Psychoeducational evaluations are also useful for students planning for post-secondary education who need extra help or accommodations, or for young adults who want some help in career planning. The goal of the evaluation is to give parents, teachers, and students recommendations to improve school performance and overall adjustment.

What does a Psychoeducational Assessment include?

A Psychoeducational Assessment includes a clinical interview with a neuropsychologist* and administration of IQ, academic achievement, and psychological health questionnaires; assessments may also include other areas of cognition such as attention. It also includes a written report suitable for schools and post-secondary programs and including recommendations, and a 30-minute feedback session with a neuropsychologist. The assessment requires approximately one to two days.

Psychoeducational Assessment – $2,300

*In some centres Psychoeducational Assessments may be provided by a psychologist

Neuropsychological Assessment

A full neuropsychological evaluation is usually required in specific circumstances where a specialized comprehensive evaluation is requested, such as in cases of brain injury or complex medical or neurological conditions requiring specialized assessment, medico-legal purposes, or assessments for determination of disability. A formal neuropsychological evaluation includes one to three days of neurocognitive testing and completion of standardized questionnaires.

What does a Neuropsychological Assessment include?

A neuropsychological assessment involves an in-depth assessment of all areas of cognition in addition to a comprehensive psychological assessment and clinical interview, and depending on the purpose, academic testing or testing of vocational interest. Its primary purpose is for diagnosis of complex conditions affecting cognition, determination of eligibility, causation, or extent of injury, and for providing a comprehensive set of treatment recommendations.

Neuropsychological Assessment – starting at $3,500

Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment – starting at $3,500

*Pediatric Psychoeducational Assessment and Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment not available at all sites

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*Presently, neuropsychology services are only available in Edmonton and require a referral from a healthcare practitioner.