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Every person is unique, and their healthcare services need to be delivered on a very personal basis. We offer a variety of programs and services which are offered individually or in combinations to create a comprehensive health and wellness plan to meet your particular needs.

We offer complete health services for you, your family and your organization.

Healthcare Programs & Services


Prevention-focused primary healthcare programs and assessments for adults.

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Pediatric healthcare programs for babies, children and young adults.

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Corporate health programs and assessments designed for executives, employees and organizations.

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Open Services

Open Services do not require enrolment in a Copeman Healthcare Program. Appointments are open and available to all members of the public on a fee for service basis.

In addition to our Core Programs, Copeman Healthcare offers a wide selection of services that help support total wellness, including PHYSIOTHERAPY , BRAIN & PSYCHOLOGICAL Health Services, Integrated PERSONAL TRAINING and NUTRITIONAL COUNSELLING.

All of these services are OPEN to any member of the public, which means you do not need to be an existing client of Copeman Healthcare to use any of these services.

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Healthcare Fees

Whether you want to continue with the care of your current family doctor and use the many specialized additional healthcare services of the Copeman Healthcare Centre, or fully integrate our medical services using one of our own expert staff physicians, we have a comprehensive healthcare service or program that’s perfect for you.

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