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Medical clinic Calgary

The Copeman Healthcare Calgary clinic is located in the Beltline at 16th Avenue and 8th Street SW in Mount Royal Village West.

The healthcare center houses an advanced medical clinic that offers: team-based primary care, corporate healthcare, pediatric & young adult care. For our clients’ convenience, we have an on-site laboratory and diagnostic services within the clinic.

We also offer physiotherapy, exercise medicine, psychological & neuropsychological health, nutrition counselling, and personal training services.

The Copeman Healthcare Calgary Centre is a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility.

The Calgary (Mount Royal West) Centre features a fitness and training facility that allows for new exercise medicine and rehabilitation services.

Copeman Healthcare Calgary Centre:

Suite 301 – 906 – 16th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, T2R 0T3
Phone: 403-270-2273
Fax: 403-521 2250

Clinic hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Need more information?

Carlene Clemence
Business Development Manager
For Individual and Family Health Plans
Call Carlene: 587-317-6317

Louis Kelemen
Corporate Business Development Manager
For Corporate Health Plans
Call Louis: 587-600-9065

Email Carlene and Louis to request more information

Thank you for your interest in the Copeman Healthcare Centre. Please fill out the form below and Carlene will contact you within one business day.


The location has ample parking both underground and at street level, plus easy access to the downtown core and public transit services.

The underground parkade is managed by Impark. The entrance to the parkade is located off 16th Avenue between 8th and 9th Street SW. There is also street parking available throughout Mount Royal Village at a cost of $3-4 per hour.

  • Impark Lot #130 (Mount Royal West) – 1550 8th Street SW, Calgary, AB
    Mon-Sun, All Day

Our services

For me

Discover the difference a preventative, collaborative, highly personalized approach can make to your health.

Learn more about our programs for individuals including our renowned LifePlus Program.

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For my family

Copeman’s proactive healthcare programs help foster, happy, healthy families.

We offer pediatric programs for children, specialized services for young adults and personalized care for parents.

Learn more

For my organization

Show you care about your #1 asset, invest in the health of your people.

Copeman is your Corporate Health Partner, offering Comprehensive Health Assessments, ongoing care programs & customized plans.

Learn more

Why not get to know our team through one of our open service programs first? Copeman Healthcare offers a wide selection of OPEN SERVICES to all members of the public. The services we offer range from hourly rates to one-time fees, and include Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Brain & Psychological Health Services, Personal Training, and Nutritional Counselling.