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Copeman Healthcare Centres offer relaxed and comfortable environments, and contain in-house diagnostic & screening laboratories, educational seminar rooms and modern fitness assessment & rehabilitation facilities.

Each reception area includes comfortable seating, an entertainment centre, refreshment bar, and wireless internet access.


Vancouver Copeman Healthcare Clinic


Suite 303 – 808 Nelson Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2H2


The Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver is centrally located near the St. Paul’s Hospital, across from the Vancouver Law Courts at 808 Nelson Street. The Centre houses a 20,000 square foot, modern medical centre including a physiotherapy rehabilitation space and an advanced psychological and brain health counselling, assessment and treatment facility.

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Suite 301 – 906 16 Avenue SW,
Calgary, AB, T2R 0T3


The Copeman Healthcare Centre in Calgary is centrally located in the Beltline at 906 16th Avenue SW (Mount Royal Village West). This Centre boasts an expansive medical facility including on-site lab services, an exercise medicine, personal training and physiotherapy gym & treatment space and an advanced brain health research and treatment facility.

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edmonton Copeman Healthcare Clinic


Suite 700 – 10216 124 Street,
Edmonton, AB, T5N 4A3


The Edmonton Centre is centrally located at 10216 124 Street, overlooking the tree tops of Glenora. It houses all of the same advanced medical facilities Copeman Healthcare clients have come to expect including fully integrated psychological and brain health services, physiotherapy services, nutritional counselling services and an on-site diagnostic lab.

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North Shore

Suite 220 –  138 – 13th Street East
North Vancouver, BC, V7L 0E5


The Copeman Healthcare Centre in North Vancouver is located at 138 13th Street E, North Vancouver, in Central Lonsdale. This spacious, modern clinic brings Copeman’s full service offerings (including Comprehensive Health Assessments) closer to West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Lions Bay, Squamish and surrounding communities.

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Future Expansion

Copeman Healthcare is planning for clinic expansion across Canada. The initial 12 facilities will be centrally and conveniently located near downtown centres. Additional facilities in each major city will be opened in urban and suburban areas based on demand.

Interested to know when Copeman is coming to your city? Leave us a message and we‘ll keep you up to date on developments in your area.

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