Our Staff

The Copeman Healthcare Centre is staffed with distinguished physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists (exercise specialists), registered dietitians, psychologists and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs of health management and disease prevention available in the world today.
Mélanie Portal

Mélanie Portal is a Kinesiologist at the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver.

Mélanie completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Masters in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. Her focus was on developing and analyzing strategies to improve learning and skill retention for individuals performing physical movement patterns – may it be for a sport, physical rehabilitation or optimizing biomechanics. By promoting autonomy, critical thinking abilities and the use of one’s environment, she uses strategies that make learning more interactive, intuitive and enjoyable. Mélanie has over 6 years of experience working as a performance coach and kinesiologist and loves being able to help motivate individuals along their fitness and rehabilitative journey.

Melanie’s interest in physical wellness and rehabilitation stems from the various sports she’s played over the course of her life and from working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, and many other health care professionals. Through this, she was able to understand the importance and necessity of collaboration for optimal patient care and results. She’s a big advocate for leading by example and is always up to something active. All season hiking and trail running as well as activities like soccer, basketball, Frisbee and kayaking are some of the things she loves doing.