Our Staff

The Copeman Healthcare Centre is staffed with distinguished physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists (exercise specialists), registered dietitians, psychologists and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs of health management and disease prevention available in the world today.
Duarte Rosario

Duarte Rosario is a certified exercise physiologist at the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver.

Duarte graduated from the Human Kinetics program (Major in Interdisciplinary Studies) from the University of British Columbia. He has since pursued and obtained valuable experience in diverse clinical and gym settings for the past 15 years. This has molded his passion toward preventative care and mitigation of injury in his clients.

Beside from ongoing professional development, he is currently studying to become an osteopathic practitioner at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Outside of work, Duarte enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.