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The Copeman Healthcare Centre is staffed with distinguished physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists (exercise specialists), registered dietitians, psychologists and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs of health management and disease prevention available in the world today.
Dr. Goldees Liaghati-Nasseri
Family Physician

Dr. Goldees Liaghati-Nasseri is a family physician at the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Calgary.

Dr. Liaghati-Nasseri obtained her Bachelor of Medical Sciences Honors Degree with a double major in Microbiology & Immunology and Medical Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. She pursued her medical education at Ross University, which gave her the unique opportunity to rotate among some of the top teaching University hospitals in the United States. As part of her formal training, Dr. Liaghati-Nasseri attended Central Michigan University affiliated hospitals, Case Western Reserve University Hospital in Cleveland Ohio, and Rochester General Hospital affiliated with the University of Rochester in New York. These rotations provided her with exposure to diverse health care systems and medical approaches, which she continues to cherish and practice with today.

After completing her rotations in the United States, she returned to Canada and completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. She graduated with her Certification in Family Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Her residency also included a rural portion in Steinbach, Manitoba, as well as a fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Liaghati-Nasseri recently moved to Calgary from Northern Alberta where she was practicing as a family physician and cosmetic injector. She also provided her leadership to the University of Alberta Family Medicine Residency Program in Fort McMurray as a Faculty Advisor, Clinical Lecturer and Site Co-Director for the Program.

In addition to family medicine and leadership, she is most passionate about mental health, chronic pain and addiction medicine.

Her other interests include music, science fiction and most importantly, her family.