Our Staff

The Copeman Healthcare Centre is staffed with distinguished physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists (exercise specialists), registered dietitians, psychologists and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs of health management and disease prevention available in the world today.
Dr. Alireza Sameny
Medical Director & Family Physician (North Shore)

Dr Alireza Sameny is a family physician and medical director at the Copeman Healthcare Centre on the North Shore.

He received his MD degree in Iran nearly 20 years ago. Subsequently he worked in Iran as a general practitioner before moving to Canada. He defended his PhD in genetics while finishing his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. He was also involved in teaching undergraduate and medical students at the University of Alberta. After graduation he worked as a family doctor and chronic pain consultant in Edmonton, Alberta. During this time he also helped the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta with physician practice assessments. Dr. Sameny has since relocated to Vancouver where he has joined the Copeman Healthcare Centre in Vancouver.

Although Dr. Sameny is interested in all areas of family medicine, he joined the Copeman Healthcare Centre to follow his passion in disease prevention. He believes in the value of life style modification in preventative medicine. In addition to preventative medicine, his interests include evidence based medicine and chronic pain management. He tries to incorporate the patient’s individual experience and preference with the best available research evidence to improve patient care. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Sameny enjoys spending time with his family.

Dr. Alireza Sameny is supported by Clinical Care Coordinator, Parvin Sarabadani.